November 28, 2016

     IMG_4519     Super fun week it sounds like!  That is a WAY cool snow elder!  And J’s hair is black!!!  Where did that come from!?  My companion just left Monday morning for Utah!  He was originally from New Jersey, but his mom moved to Heber City and so that is where he is now.

     My Thanksgiving was awesome!!  We had a half mission activity with all the southern half zones meeting at our stake center and turns out that me and my companion were in charge to make sure it all went smoothly!  It was a little hectic, but we had basketball and volleyball going on, with some board games on the side, and all seemed to really enjoy it.  Then we had our studies and went off to dinner at a members home and there were lots of non members there.   We got to know them all better.  This ward is pretty amazing!   They take care of us well.  We then got done and had to leave and went tracting!  We were out and about and seeing quite a bit of rejection.  We came to this one house with tons of cars there and heard lots of laughing and joking coming from inside.  I was super scared to knock it, but we did anyways and this lady barely opened the door and told us to go away.  So on to the next one!  We then were looking up the street from where we came and see this ripped guy come out from the house that we just knocked and look around and we rush over to him and he asked if we were all good or needed anything.  We ended up giving him a new Light the World card and left.  We are then way up the street and hear all this yelling!  So we turn around and it’s the same guy waving us over.  We get over there and he asks us if we would like any food!  We were already stuffed to the gut, but the thing is if we get food then we will have more time to talk with those inside!  We say ‘yes’ and end up getting a huge plate of food…. the things we missionaries do for opportunities to share the gospel, I tell ya!  We somehow managed to eat all of it and have a great conversation about the church and what we as missionaries do and they seemed to like it!  None of them lived there besides one, but we gave the cards out with the chat function and they told us they were going to check it out!  Super good!!!!  Then we had a member inspire at 8 and they were getting ready to feed us dessert, but we told them NO WAY!!!!!  I almost had to throw up….
     This week we were blessed with a miracle!  Katie S. was able to be baptized Saturday night!  She is the 9 year old with split parents and had to get permission from the 1st presidency.  It was a pretty cool experience!  I have pictures, but sadly didn’t bring my camera to the library today… whoops!  Next week!  But her uncle baptized her and confirmed her!  She wanted us to do it, but we shucked it off to her uncle and told her we are going to be leaving soon and her uncle will stick around for a while.  The church would rather have us do that then for us to baptize them, unless they really insist.
     I was a taxi service this weekend!  Elder Czarnecki went to the temple Saturday with another missionary who is dying (when they go home that’s what it’s called).  We picked him up that night from the mission home, went to Auburn and picked up another elder who taught Katie, went to the baptism, then went back to Auburn dropped him off, then back to Puyallup.  Then Sunday we had to drive back to the mission home and drop off Elder Czarnecki, then back here.  Today we have to drive to Kent to go get our new comps and make sure everyone knows what’s going on in the zone.  It’s pretty hectic.  If we calculated all the miles I’ve driven the past 3 days it would be over 300!
     My new comp is from Herriman, Utah and his name is Elder Noah Boyack.  Never met him!  So we will see how it goes today.  I’ll talk to you all next week!  And don’t worry about Christmas presents.  I don’t need anything, and don’t really want to have to move whatever I get from area to area and then eventually either shipping it home, or having to leave it when I go home.  If that makes sense!  I LOVE YOU!!!!

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