November 21, 2016

This week was great!  I was able to go on an exchange with a cousin!  Elder Rex from Utah is a descendant from Helaman Pratt, but a different wife.  But still that is pretty close!  He is the assistant and we were able to find and see miracles!  We went out tracting the other night together and in this complex where I know missionaries have been kicked out before.  It was raining and we decide that it was better to tract in the apartments then out in the neighborhoods in the dark and rain.  We knocked this door and met this lady who just moved from Georgia and told us that we could come back in 30 minutes when her husband gets home!  So we went right across the hallway and then met this lady named Melissa S. and taught her the Restoration and she loved it!  We then went up the stairs and taught another lady!  Holy smokes, this place was on fire!!!  She wasn’t interested in changing though.  She wanted to govern God instead of playing by His rules… silly lady.  Then we went back down and talked with Samantha, the lady from Georgia, and her husband Chris.  They said “oh we don’t have too much time” so we said “oh well, it will only take 10 minutes”.  We lied… it was 45, but it was an amazing lesson we had with them.  We invited Chris to pray at the end about the truth, and once we all said amen, we just all sat there and didn’t say a word.  They loved the feeling they were given from the Holy Ghost.  It was quite an amazing miracle.  We then set up a church tour and invited them to be baptized.  Chris excepted the 17th of next month and Samantha wants to pray about it.  So that all happened in one day!  A week later, we met with Melissa S. and taught her and her daughter and we are going back tomorrow night.  The Hernandez’ stood us up for the church tour… but our ward mission leader and us are going over tonight and paying them a visit.

     We had the mission devotional and it was great!  I was able to sit with the Gunns and Somer, Kole and Kassidy!  Oh I was just so happy!  I absolutely LOVE THEM!!!!  Great people.  But as far as that goes this week was pretty normal.  That isn’t a good word for a missionaries week, but I should say not a huge eventful amount of info.  We got news today about Katie S.  THE FIRST PRESIDENCY SAID YES FOR HER BAPTISM!!!!  So, my comp and I are going to help her be baptized this week!  Probably Saturday.  He gets to end his mission with a bang!  Next week is transfers, so it will be Tuesday morning when you hear from me!  I’ll talk to you then!  Love you all!

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