December 5, 2016

DSCF0003New companion…Elder Boyack

It is crazy how fast time flies by!!!  We are now in DECEMBER!!!  But hey, I’m not even depressed this year so that is pretty nice.  Just staying busy and working like the sun is out seems to work pretty well!  We have had lots of miracles happen this past week!  We were able to find quite a few new investigators and set things up with some people who have been taught before, but dropped the elders in the past.  Apparently one was super pushy, but hey if we have more people to teach because of it, that is fine with me! We had a super big break through with our investigators.  They are mother and daughter, but the daughter is in her 40’s.  We learned about their past and that made all the difference!  We now have solid fellowship set up and they are doing great!  No baptismal date set yet, but it should be soon!  They thought they had to wear white jump suits to church and had to be baptized in order to come!!!  So many false ideas!!!  Now they have it straightened up and are ready to progress!
     This last week we had stake conference with Elder Stapleton of the Seventy and it was pretty sweet!  He is like 7 foot tall!  And the podium thing didn’t go any higher and so he just hunched over and talked for like 30 minutes!  That is endurance right there! He talked a lot about how no one is in the clear from trials.  He told us how many crazy things just happened to him in the past year, but how as we keep our eye on the Savior we will be supported.  He told a story of how there was one of the Seventy who received the call to serve and he and his wife told the apostle that they would love to, but just not right then at that time in their lives.  The apostle then sat there and thought and said, “Brother, this church is not a church of convenience.”  And that really rang true with me.  Rarely ever do we receive a call to serve and it’s convenient with our schedule but when the lord calls we must answer.  Life is just a constant stretch and pull and twist till we become what God needs us to be.  I thought it was pretty amazing being able to hear from him.
     Real quick miracle.  The other night we were walking around in this complex and we talked to this guy who said that elders in the past had taught him and wanted us to text him to set something up.  That’s what they all say so nothing new there, but we ended up doing so and got an appointment.  We taught him last night and holy smokes he is so prepared!  His wife is catholic and he asked “so I can’t be baptized unless my kids and wife are baptized right?”  haha!  So we told him ‘no’ and then we invited him to pray right there and ask if it’s true.  He is from a small island close to Guam, called Palau.  He prayed in his language and we left time for him to focus on the feelings after the prayer.  The spirit was soooo strong!  We invited him to be baptized right when his wife came into the room and he was going to say ‘yes’ we could tell, then his wife just told us that he will get back to us.  We were super frustrated at her, but he was pretty much saying ‘yes’.  We could tell.  We have a church tour set up wed night and the bishop will be there!  So they can meet him and it will be great!  He is such a good man!
     Well I have to get going, sadly!  Thanks for the update!  I am glad that things are going well for the family!  I love you!

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