December 12, 2016

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     Holy smokes this week was NUTS!  We were out tracting last Monday and we were hitting up these sketchy apartments and people were decently nice, but a whole lot of “not interested” and then we were coming to the last building for the night and we knock this door and hear a lady say “who is it?” So we told her who we were and she then said “Oh, just one second!” So I was thinking to myself, “Oh, heck yeah! This never happens!”   She ends up answering the door and we start teaching her the Restoration and she is super nice!  Her name is Sister Tanja and she is from Germany!  We end up giving her a pamphlet and set up a time to come by later in the week.  We then get a call from her Wednesday and she said “Hey elders, I finished the pamphlet and I was very impressed. Make sure when you come Saturday you bring a Book of Mormon!”  How cool is that!?  Well, it gets better!  So we end up going by Saturday with a man who served his mission in Germany, and sadly they had no connections, but she told us that she believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that his experience was real and that God is leading her to the LDS church and she wants to read the Book of Mormon so badly!  It was way cool!  We invited her to baptism and she just kinda shrugged it off, but we will get her here pretty soon!  Well, the Spirit obviously will, but we will be apart of it!  WAY COOL!!!!

     Another miracle!  We texted this less active, part- member family and asked if we could set something up.  We ended up getting a church tour set up for them.  He is the member and is in the army and married to a lady who used to be Catholic.  We had the church tour, but sadly she couldn’t come cause she is pregnant and wasn’t feeling well.  But, we were then talking to brother Coon and he said that his wife told him that she wants to be baptized and then sealed to him!  That she knows that this is true and that it’s where they need to be!!  So we are super excited to be able to teach her and help her come to church and be baptized!  He is in the military and will be gone for the next week or two, so we might not be able to teach them this week, but soon!  So that was a huge blessing!

     Okay one more, I got a call last night from the Buckley elders in my last ward and they told me some amazing news!  Chris Smith, the 22 year old we helped get baptized, who read the Book of Mormon in 7 weeks, and all that, is getting married to the girl who introduced him to the church!!!  Even crazier, they got engaged yesterday and will be married on the 18th of December!  They will only be engaged for a week!!!  How crazy is that?!?  Yeah, so that is mind blowing… but super cool and they plan on going to the temple in one year to be sealed.  So amazing!
     Now the bad for the week….we ended contacting that referral we got the other week.  Kim, the one who said she wanted a Book of Mormon and wanted to learn more about family history.  Well her husband is SUPER ANTI!  He let us in and she wasn’t home, but he just took so many jabs at the church and I was getting super frustrated.  I kinda went off on him a little… but then his wife came home and she isn’t super interested, but willing to do things.  So we are going to continue to work with her and try to get him out of the picture.  Super rude guy.  So that happened Sunday morning and then I was really looking forward to church and to be surrounded by nice, kind people who actually like us.  I was surprised when we were going around talking with people that some of those in the ward aren’t the nicest either!  It must be a Washington thing… so, if you see the elders or sisters at church or the store or whatever, just go be nice to them.  Going out of your way to say hello makes things so much nicer!  We get by though, and things are going great here!  Our bishop and ward mission leader are rock stars!  Well that is pretty much the run down of the past week!  I’ll talk to you next week!  I love you!

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