October 31, 2016

     Good things are happening!  That sounds like lots of fun!  I emailed J today!  I felt super bad for not emailing him in a long time.  Claire emailed me the other week! She is super cute!
     This week was pretty slow.  We gave our car to another set of elders who got theirs in a little fender bender and can’t bike because of health reasons, so we are now on bikes till theirs gets fixed!  We are hoping and praying that it will be either tomorrow or Wed that they get their car back.  It’s been a bit rough being on bikes this last week!  Lots of careful planning, but the ward members are pretty loving and willing to take us out and come with us to lessons.
     So, last Monday we played some ball and it got a little too competitive.  I was really getting into it and I stole the ball from an elder, there was another guy who we were playing with who got caught in the tussle, and well, then a chair decided it also wanted to get in the mix and I got the short end of the bargain.  5 staples in my noggin. It was gushing blood everywhere, but all is well now!  The staples are out and its healing up!
     So I was on an exchange with the YSA (Young Single Adults) elders and there was a companionship who found a ysa guy who wanted to have a hand off lesson at the church.  So we showed up and it was Elder Chugg and Elder Rudd.  Elder Rudd asks me “hey are you from Show Low?” (I had no idea who Elder Rudd was.  He just came out three weeks ago.)  He asked me if I knew the Swantys!!!  He is Tavi’s nephew!  Crazy huh?  We then taught the lesson with them and ended up taking the elders to their next appointment and we just talked about Dustin and the Swantys the whole time.  It was pretty neat!
     Me and my comp are getting along.  We have two totally different teaching styles, and it’s his last transfer so he wants to be the leader, and so for the most part I just step back and let him shine!  We work pretty well together though and the area is awesome!  The ward is nice and the people on the streets are a bit crazy.  We talked to a guy the other day and he was just making us cry laughing!  He just got a tattoo and so my comp asked to see it.  So he takes off his shirt and shows us, but the problem was he was pretty heavy and super hairy and he didn’t even put on his shirt for the next 5 minutes and then just locked eyes with my comp and started purring at him!  It was super weird, but so funny at the same time!  He wasn’t interested in what we had to teach him though…
     Well I have to go, but I am glad that I am able to serve a mission.  There isn’t a better place for anyone other than out in the field serving the Lord.  The pay ain’t great, but the benefits are unmatched.  Have a great week!  I love you!!!!
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