October 24, 2016

     So… I’m not going to lie, but this week was the longest I’ve ever had on my mission. The new area is pretty cool, but it is in the city, so that is taking a little getting used to coming from Buckley!  Our apartment is right next to a super busy road and all you hear is cars rushing past, but I decided I’m going to try to learn to love the city!  It was just a super hard week though.  My comp and I get along he is great and a super loving guy!  So coming into a new zone, and I only knew two elders, and so I now know what it feels like to be the new guy.  It is SUPER hard!  Up until Sunday I felt like I didn’t have any friends.  Then Sunday rolls around and the members here are great and the ward is fantastic!  I really like it!  It will be a great ward to serve in during the holidays.  So things are on the up and up!
     Saturday morning we had one of the coolest experiences ever!  The whole mission gathered and we were able to hear from Elder Rasband, Elder Clayton, Bishop Waddell, Elder Call and his wife, and our mission president!  We had 5 key holders present!!!!  Can you believe that!?  The stake president was there too.  But you will never believe this…Friday morning I got a call from the assistants and they asked me if I would say the opening prayer for this huge meeting!!!!  I was scared out of my mind!!!  But it wasn’t all that bad.  When I was walking away, Elder Rasband told me ‘thank you’!!! Super cool, huh!   It was a pretty sweet meeting!  We don’t really know why it happened.  Elder Clayton talked about the Book of Mormon, and Elder Rasband talked about the revelation that is given for us to serve in our respected areas and to never complain.  He also went hard on obedience, and that we have to study the life of Christ and our obedience will go up as we learn of Him.  So we were pretty much committed by an apostle of the Lord to be 100% obedient.  Pretty crazy!  But, way cool.  He said something that really hit me and I would like to share it with you.  He said something like “the 12 apostles have no problem recognizing his voice” referring to the Savior.  When he said that it was like a grenade went off inside my chest and just exploded through my whole body.  Then the blast hit my face and this liquid came from my eyes!  Oh, it was so cool!
     Well sorry for the super late email!  We had to run all over the place.  Being a zone leader is basically being a soccer mom!  It gets a little frustrating at times, but we get by.  The area is great and we have two people committed to baptism for the 12th of November!  A 9 year old girl whose family are all members and she didn’t want to be baptized when she was 8.  Not a good idea… now she is held to a bit higher of a standard, and we have to teach her all the lessons.  The other one is a 28 year old who is changing his life around and wanting to be baptized super bad!  Its pretty cool . He came out with us to a lesson after church and he loved it!  We are working on our teaching pool.  We tracted last night from 6:30 to 7:30 and it was in the heat of the Sea Hawks vs. Cardinals football game… literally everyone was watching the game… I wore my red and white tie just to talk a little smash. Haha just kidding.  No one really wanted to go from watching their team loose to being baptized!  We tried to relate to them super hard and it seemed to work.  We found two new investigators that night!
Well I gotta run!  I’ll talk to you next week!  I love you!!!

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