October 17, 2016

     I was super bummed that the storm didn’t hit… both Elder Knight and I were ready to do some service work and then we didn’t even get anything!  It felt just like a normal winter day here. Haha!  Those stories about Meredith’s kids are great.  They are super cute!
     This week was awesome!  I just got the news I am getting the boot 😦 I am headed to the Manner Wood Ward in Puyallup South stake with an elder who is going home in 6 weeks and so the pressure is on for me to learn the area and also, by then I’ll have to take over the zone as well… I am super worried about that, but I’m sure I’ll get by.  It was a sad time saying goodbye to all of my friends I have made.  The people here in Buckley are wonderful.  I’ve had nothing but great times!  It’s sad to leave so soon, but I feel like it’s kinda like the band aid effect.  If I was to stay longer then it would hurt more when I left, but this way it’s just quick and then the next one goes on!  Missions are hard in that sense…I don’t like saying goodbyes one bit!  All of these people are truly my friends and not just brothers and sisters…it’s pretty cool.
     Bill Fehrs fell off track.  He was going to be baptized on the 29th of October, but he drank coffee.  Heart broken!  He has depended upon coffee his whole life pretty much and now he is 72!  No wonder the council is to abstain from it!  It’s super addictive!!!!  He went two weeks and then just gave in.  He needs to have more of a desire to be baptized, we think, so that is what the elders are going to work on.
     David Youmans is AWESOME!!!  I love him, and he is stoked to be baptized on the 12 of November!  He went up to bishop on Sunday and asked him if he would do the ordinance and it was super cool!  He just wants to learn and soak it all in.  He watched the 20 min Restoration video over 20 times and while that was going he read the pamphlet and Joseph Smith pamphlet!!!  I am excited for him.
     We taught Somer and Kole one last time.  It was a pretty powerful lesson.  We read the first and great commandment and then watched the crucifixion of Christ and focused on the love that God has for us!  It was amazing!  Then we read Mosiah where it talks about all being beggars and depending upon God. They are just super awesome!  They signed a license plate for me and it’s pretty cool.  I’ll have to take a picture of it and send it next week!  Well I have to go!  I love you!

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