November 7, 2016

This week was great!  Lots of mini miracles and tender mercies!

     On Tuesday we finished with our district meetings and then Ed and Chris Smith come walking in the church and tell us they want to take me and my comp out for lunch!  It was sooo good to be able to talk with Chris again and to see how he is doing!  He is awesome!  He told me that he and Rebecca are getting more and more serious and that they are most likely going to get married/sealed in the temple this time next year!!!!  Honestly I am a little bummed cause Elder Knight and I wanted him to serve a mission so badly, but hey, he can go undercover and baptize em all! 😉 I just love him so much!  It was great to be able to see him again!
      Things with K. Surber aren’t looking too good…. (she is the 9 year old) We technically need permission from her dad in order to baptize her, which makes it a little hard because the dad is in prison.  So we are working with our bishop and mission president to find a way around it so that she can be able to have the Holy Ghost.  She needs it and wants it BAD!  She is pretty amazing though.  We have worked hard with her to understand the doctrine and the other day we went over the baptismal interview questions and she nailed it!  We are hoping and praying that all will work out.
     A. Salsberry wanted to be baptized this weekend, but we taught the law of chastity and he doesn’t agree that you have to be married in order to live with your woman. (I dont know how else to put it!) He said that he is going to pray about it and see what kind of answer he gets.  On the other had, his girlfriend agrees with him, so we don’t think he will be able to be baptized this week.  She is a little stubborn, but we will see what comes of his praying and see if we can get more members involved to share their opinion on it and see if that doesn’t help.
     And the best news of all…. I was able to go back to Enumclaw with Elder Kofford and be a part of Craig Detric receiving the Melchizedek priesthood!!!!  Oh it was great!  My joy was full.  It was so much fun to be able to be there for that.  He is so amazing!  Elder Kofford ordained him and it was pretty special.  He did a great job.  Then even better news!!!!  Craig and Kristianah are getting married/sealed sometime in April and they want Elder Kofford and I to be there!!!!!  Oh it was great news!  I am so happy for them!  It’s pretty cool cause Kristianah introduced him to the church and we started teaching him and now look where he is, and where he is going!  The gospel works wonders in the lives of those who apply it.  I was telling Elder Kofford on the way back home that the mission has brought more joy to my life than anything I have ever experienced.  There is nothing I would trade it for.  I just hope and pray that I will continue to be a tool in the Lord’s hands in bringing about the salvation of souls for the rest of my life.
     Two more miracles to look forward to!  This Saturday David Youmans is getting baptized and also the Chistiansens in my first area are getting sealed the 17th!  And I get to go to both!  I LOVE IT SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!
Well I hope all is well on the home front!  I sure love ya!  Talk to you next week!

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