October 12, 2016

     Holy smokes this week was amazing!  We had some miracles happen to us.  Friday night we were on an exchange and I was in my area with another elder and we had stuff set up and it was going to be a great night and then we started getting texts from the people canceling…. we were bummed.  So we decided to print out this talk and give it to a former investigator who’s heart is hard.  So we go over there to see her and she ends up letting us in.  She is 60ish and lives with her daughter, and her daughters husband.  We go in and then she has us go into her room, which was normal, cause when we would usually teach her there was another male there we brought, but this time it was just us, but we could still see her daughters boyfriend sitting on the couch so we didn’t think anything of it.  Then, she closes the door…..so we told her that we can’t do that and she blows up on us and says that we are stupid and that the church is dumb with all the rules and blah blah blah…she ends up kicking us out!  On our way out her daughter comes in and starts talking to us while she goes back into her room and closes the door.  We ended up teaching Dana, her daughter, for an hour just standing there talking all about the restoration and she prays about it right then and feels the spirit!  We now have a return appointment to go teach the Plan of Salvation tomorrow at 8!  How cool is that!?  Apparently God works though mean ol’ ladies to get His message out!  I’m okay with that!
     David Y- we taught him Saturday with a member, technically we didn’t end up teaching him; he talked the whole time and we only got through the first bullet point of the Restoration.  God is our loving Heavenly Father and then he just went on and on… but he wanted to come to church and sure enough he was there!  30 minutes early!!!  Just to prepare!  He’s a better Mormon than most active church goers!  He loved church and told us he was going to bring his granddaughter and great granddaughter next week!  Sweet huh!  We did service for him and it softened his heart right up!  We then read from the Restoration pamphlet and he loved it.  He said it filled a hole in his heart that he has been trying to fill his whole life!  We invited him to be baptized on the 12th of November and he is super excited!  He also has stopped drinking coffee as of Saturday and says he wants to be a good Mormon, so he can receive all the blessings!  We haven’t even taught him all about the Word of Wisdom yet, but he is ready to go!
     Kole got confirmed and is loving life!  We are now working with Somer his mom to get her to stop drinking coffee and smoking, that way when her boyfriend mans up to marry her she can get baptized sooner!  It’s going to be sweet!
     We are truly so blessed to be able to serve here.  The Lord is just blessing us like no ones business!  We have been working hard and its paying off.  Life is good!  Today we are getting taught how to weld by one of our investigators!  It should be pretty sweet!  Well until next time, have a great week!  I love you!

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