September 6, 2016

     Sister Gunn is awesome!  I love both of them!  And the “ice cream” she made for us was pretty much just a smoothie.  I was pretty bummed to be honest after getting my hopes up of being able to finally eat some ice cream after 6 months of not having it!  But it was still pretty good.  I’ve lost some weight now that I can’t have any dairy.  And, yes Alyssa B is getting baptized this Saturday at 4:00!  She is the 16 year old who has been meeting with missionarires for 3 years and is pretty much the smartest one in seminary if not THE smartest!  It will be a cool experience! 🙂
     This week was interesting also…we had Elder Sullivan with us till this morning.  He gets a new comp today.  Whew, it was a bit of a rough two weeks, but especially this one.  Our personalities didn’t blend well.  Towards the end I kinda lost it and told them we all need to stop being rude to one another or we will never have the Holy Ghost with us.  It got better from there.  So now it’s just Elder Knight and I.  He is a stud!  I feel like a young grasshopper next to the sensei, but we get along pretty well.  We just found out that our zone has changed a little bit.  We have two districts in it and both district leaders were called yesterday and have never been in leadership, and then we have two super lazy missionaries coming in, and the other areas that are staying the same are struggling.  I expect it to be a little bit of a refiners fire this transfer, but hey, I’m sure it will all work out!
     This week we taught Chris S.  He is going to be a bishop in 5 years!  Guaranteed!!!!  Then an apostle in 10.  He is that good!  We read the Book of Mormon with him and he loved Enos.  He then asked if the next lesson we could teach him about fasting and prayer.  So Sunday night we taught him and asked what he is going to fast for and when.  He said to have his parents hearts softened about being baptized or to just give him the right time to bring it up.  He also said he was going to fast Monday!  These are the kind of people I love teaching!  Those who ACT and aren’t forced to be acted upon!  They live the doctrine and see the blessings! ahhhh!  He is so great.  I love him so much!  And he loved fasting yesterday too.  It was great!
     Tomorrow we are going to the Discovery Center in Belview with a family who is investigating to look into their family history and to walk around the temple grounds!  Somer, her boyfriend, Nowlan, and her son, Kole, are super excited.  They were out of town this Sunday, but were going to try to go to a Mormon church where they were.  They sadly didn’t go cause it was super far away, but still!  It is super good!  They are doing well and we love teaching them.
     Cool story!  We tracted into this lady a long time ago.  Her name is Willine and she is 64.  She wasn’t even close to be interested at first, but the we did service for her multiple times and then taught her the Restoration and invited her to be baptized.  She didn’t think she needed to be baptized so Elder Sullivan, Elder Knight, and I all picked a “repent and be baptized or else your going to be damned” scripture and that shut her up.  Then we invited her to church and she just laughed at us.  We invited her to pray about it and ask God specifically if she needed to go.  This is what happened.  “Heavenly Father. Do I need to go to church this Sunday?”  We waited and she started laughing.  Then the spirit hit her like a ton of bricks!  “Alright fine! What time does it start?”  Success!  She came with her 10 year old grand daughter.  They were pretty mad that it was 3 hours long.  If we told her that then she would have never come!  She will be here this week too I’m guessing.  She loved it, but never admitted to it.  We can tell though.
     It was a super good week!  The Lord is blessing us in this area and we just keep on workin! Mormon 8:22 “For the eternal purposes of the Lord shall ROLL ON, until all his promises shall be fulfilled.”
     I love you! have a great week!

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