September 28, 2016

What a week!  We just got back from North West Trek.  It was kinda like a wild animal zoo.  What a blast!  Somer took us there.  It was out of the zone, so we had to get special permission and take what we call our ‘cultural day’ for us to go, but it was totally worth it.

     Chris Smith got BAPTIZED!!!  Oh, it was great!  His parents didn’t come, sadly… but he invited his brother and one of his best buds, and both of them came.  It was a pretty special thing to be a part of.  Very spiritual!  But the confirmation was the best part.  Elder Knight confirmed him and it was super good.  The spirit was so strong.  After we all said ‘amen’ he just looked so happy and amazed with what he felt.  Later he told us that while he was at sacrament that he asked God if He was there, and if he loved him, and he just had the best feeling ever!  And Rebecca, his girlfriend, the one who introduced him to the church, looked over and saw him crying.  It was great!  I love him so much!  Soon he’ll be an apostle!  I could see it!  We asked him last Friday where he was in the Book of Mormon and he said “I’m done”!  He read all the way from Alma 38 to the end in 5 days!!!  Then at his baptism he told us that he read all of the Pearl of Great Price and started into the Doctrine and Covenants!  He just loves to read!
     We were doing service the other day for Bill Fehrs, he was on track to be baptized not too long ago, but later told us that he wasn’t interested.  So here we were doing service for him and…..(an old crazy man just interrupted me as I was typing this and told me all about his crazy theory of the earth ending and “Gods true church being reestablished is going to happen in 2017. And its going to be catholic”.  He drew me the picture and everything!  He said “you were probably born in the Mormon church. It’s not your fault” hahah! Good times at the library!  You never know what your gonna get!)  So to finish about Bill Fehrs, he tells us out of the blue “after listening to the Book of Mormon and talking with Brother Johnson and Brother Williamson, I’m thinking that this baptism isn’t such a bad idea.  So sure, let’s go for it!”  Miracle!!!  He thought that you had to be perfect to be baptized and it was the end goal, instead of the departure.  So now we are going to help him be baptized in the later part of October!
     But I gotta get going.  Next week I’ll add anything that I forgot!  I love you!  Thanks for all you do!
Chris Smiths baptism

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