September 12, 2016

     Super good week!  We had Somer Johnson and her son, Kole, meet us at the Discovery Center up in Bellevue.  We walked around the temple grounds and then went into the Discovery Center.  They give you these ipads and they have these docks they lock into and just a bunch of super cool featurues!  It was pretty amazing!  They loved it!  And we did too!  Then for Alyssa’s baptism Somer couldn’t come cause she was out hiking!  But Kole came with a friend and he loved it!  They also came to church and he has tons of friends he didn’t even know he had!  It was pretty cool.  They are doing so well and we hope to be able to have Kole with a baptism date this week!
     So for Alyssa’s baptism there was over 100 people there… it was HUGE!  We had it in the chapel and honestly it felt like a sacrament meeting!  I’ve served in wards with less (active) people!  She loved it, and her parents were there and felt the spirit.  She technically lives in the Buckley 1st ward that is assigned to sisters.  We are thinking about having the sisters give her the new member lessons and then her parents can hear what it’s all about and then be baptized!  Her mom’s heart is super soft right now.  That’s at least our feelings on it!
     We should be having another baptism this Saturday at 2:00.  Sister Kinney is getting baptized!  She has also been meeting with missionaries for a super long time!  Like 3 years.  We shared the video on Elder Eyring talking about procrastinating and putting things off is never good.  The video said ‘someday’ a lot and she later said “oh I hate that word!”  So we then asked her “hey Sister Kinney, when are you going to get baptized?” and we got her right there!  Kinda tricky huh?  We wouldn’t usually do that, but she has been ready for years, but just wouldn’t commit!  She is wanting to be baptized now so that is great!
     Chris S is solid.  We’ll be keeping an eye out for him in the next General conferences.  Future apostle right there.  We had two lessons with him this week and he was asking some deep questions.  For example, “if we can become gods?”,  “Was God once a man?”, and things about the book of Abraham.  We do get those questions frequently, but usually the one asking has no desire to know what the answer is.  They just want to bind us in our words and see if they can prove us wrong.  But Chris honestly wants to know!!!  He is amazing!  He hasn’t told his parents yet, but he said that when he does they will either not care, or kick him out, but he has such a strong desire to be baptized he doesn’t care what the out come is.  I love him!!!
     Well that’s all I got this week!  I’ll keep you posted on all of these amazing people!  Have a great week!  I love you!

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