October 3, 2016

     Uncle Bucket and Aunt Cinderbell, huh? (Neice Claire’s nicknames for Kyle and Stephanie- she is a hoot!) Hahaha I was dying laughing!  That sounds like so much fun being able to all be together and spend time listening to conference!  Yeah, that was a pretty great conference.  I loved it!  Lots of notes taken!  Chris came to every single session and sat with us for all of them besides the Saturday evening one because we were at the Gunns with Somer and Kole.  After the priesthood session Chris was talking to us about coming out with us sometime and we told him “hey we are going tracting now so you are welcome to come if you would like!” and he said “yes”,  so we picked him up at like 7 and then decided that it probably wasn’t a great idea to have him tracting in the rain and dark for his first time, especially since we are trying to convince him to serve a mission!  So we just went out and visited some people and crashed a party.  It’s one of our investigators, and her mom was having a party and there were people there drinking and all that so we decided we better go.  But it was pretty funny cause when we walked in it was like an old western movie where the new guy comes walking into the saloon and the music stops and everyone turns in their seat to stare at us!  Good times, good times! 😉
     KOLE GOT BAPTIZED!!!  It was so great!  There were like 15 nonmembers there and I think it was great for them too!  I was super nervous because my muscles are not in shape but there were some heavenly hosts helping me out 😉 He got up after and bore his testimony and it was pretty cool.  Somer (Kole’s mom, also investigating) even said the closing prayer!  It was just a great experience and place to feel the spirit super strong.  I love that family!
     We had another miracle happen too! We were tracting the other day and met a guy named David Youmens who is in his 60s and we gave him a Book of Mormon and then we told him about conference and he was pumped!  He said “I just want to hear the word of God and none of this fancy stuff!”  So we had Chris pick him up and when we pulled up to his house he was outside wearing a blue suit and dressed all nice!  He brought his Book of Mormon and a journal to take notes with and the whole time he was writing down things.  Then afterwards he was asking all about church and what time we meet and I asked him if he was going to keep coming to church and he told us “yes!”   So we just picked up an new solid investigator!  An awesome one at that!
     That is pretty much it for this week!  Lots more happened, but I can’t remember… these darn missionary brains.   I hope all goes well in Utah and you have a great week! I love you!
Book of Mormon cake served after the baptism

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