August 29, 2016

That is nuts that you and dad are just alone with Nate now!  I realized that this week!  J is a stud!  I dont think I would do that.  He is braver than I!  Poor mom is losing all her chicks! (Yes, it is a hard adjustment!)

     This week was….different.  Wednesday morning we were just about ready to start our studies and then we get a call from a district leader telling us that an elder was missing!  So we took off to his companions apt and yeah he ended up taking the car!  So we did some investigating!  He took all of his planners, his journal, his white handbook, and all things that can’t be replaced.  We get other elders there and they stayed there while we took his comp and looked for him.  We didn’t find him.  We spent some time at the apartment waiting for him, but then we get a call from President Rasmussen telling us that he is outside of the mission boundaries and that we can just go on our normal day.  So we do and later we find out that he made it to Kenniwik!  200 some odd miles away!  President shut down his cards and he couldn’t get gas.  So he ended up going to a Mormon church building and prayed for help.  A few minutes later two elders showed up and called the mission president!  So he ended up getting flown back here to our mission and then the next day he left on a plane to Tennessee.  He was going to take the 36 hour drive on his own if he could have gotten gas!  He just had a break down and freaked out.  Now we are with his comp and double covering two of the missions largest areas!  It’s been hectic!
     We met with Somer and her kids this week!  Kole, her son, is getting baptized on the 24th of Sept!  Somer wants to be baptized super bad, but she is working though some word of wisdom stuff and has to get married to her boyfriend first.  We are having dinner with them tonight!  Wish us luck!
     We met with Chris Smith yesterday after stake conference.  Holy Moses, he is so solid!  It was crazy yesterday.  Chris digs deep into the doctrine.  Yesterday for the closing song the choir sang “If you Could Hie to Kolob”.  The first thing he asks when we sit down with him is “so, today they talked about Kolob? what is that?”  It was super crazy, but we taught the Word of Wisdom and he has already been living it for a few years now!  He hasn’t told his parents about his baptism yet, and he feels like they won’t be too happy.  If you could pray for him then that would be great!
     Funny story.  We went to the dump the other day with our ward mission leader and he was out talking to this guy while we were in the cab.  He started walking back to get in and we handed him a restoration pamplet and told him he couldn’t get back in until he gave it to the guy.  He takes it and doesn’t say a word to us and then goes up to this man and gives it to him and tells him all about it!  Then on the way out he was paying for the dump and we hand him a card and he gives it to the lady!  It was the coolest!  Fearless!
     This week was pretty great though.  I have to get going, but I’ll talk to you next week!  I love you!

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