August 22, 2016- Miracles are Happening!

     So we have a few people we are working with and the work is so much more enjoyable when they are progressing!  Imagine that! 😉
     Quick story!  Well, I’ll try to make it quick.  So we had an exchange Friday to Saturday and had a lesson at 3:00 and at 4:00.  We met both of those people the same day and they are neighbors too!  Pretty crazy.  We were stressing to get fellowship for them but ended up getting people to come!  Our 3:00 fell through but then we met our 4:00 fellowship and started walking up to this group of people at the house.  They were super rude and we ended up leaving.  As we were drivng away we look over and see the wife flagging us down.  We get back out and end up helping her husband out moving wood while she asked questions!  After that they gave us water and sat us down.  We taught the Restoration and it was cool cause two more people joined in on the lesson, and by the end we were teaching 4 people and they were super interested!  We have a church tour set up this Tuesday with them!  It was pretty amazing!
     CHRIS!  He came to church and loved it!  We had a lesson with his girlfriend’s family Sunday night and taught the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He has read into 2nd Nephi and loves the Book of Mormon!  He later told us that he has been to tons of churches and actually has never been baptized even though 4 or 5 of the pastors wanted him to be, but when we extended the invitation last week he accepted!  How cool is that!?  He says he gets the same feeling when he reads the Book of Mormon as when he reads the Bible!  He is solid, but he asked us to pray for his family to be understanding when he tells them he is getting baptized.
     Well I literally have no time, but I’ll talk to you next week! I love you! Bye!

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