July 25, 2016

     Wow sounds like an exciting time back home! (Poor mom and J went to the valley and had car trouble).  I bet its been nice being able to have Kyle and Steph around to help out with projects.  The Grand Canyon sounds amazing!  I want to go sometime!  That is nuts that Levi Ferrell is 13…. didn’t see that one coming!  Summer always goes way too fast doesn’t it?  My companion and I spent a whole summer vacation together- about 4 and a half months!  We got a call Sunday night and the zone leaders let us know that I will be leaving.  Pretty sad, but being transferred isn’t the worst thing. Plus, that’s what I signed up for, I guess.  It’s just nice to get a fresh start and try new things.  A time to be stretched, and that I will be.  President Rasmussen called me yesterday morning and asked me to be a zone leader… I am scared out of my mind and have no idea what to do, but what I do know is to pray and plead for God to help me out and to qualify me.  I think about it and it honestly scares me to death, but at the same time, I get a feeling of peace and comfort knowing that the call comes from the one who knows best.  It will be trying, but like I said, stretching is a good thing.  I am going to a little logging community called Buckley right next door to Enumclaw.  Enumclaw is the fields, Buckley is the forest.  It should be pretty great.
     So this week was pretty long.  We literally had everything cancel.  We calculated it out and we literally spent a good 24 hours this week just finding.  It was rough… and we realized our faith was low.  When we didn’t expect much we didn’t receive much success, but when we put forth the effort and trusted God, that he would lead us to the prepped people we saw miracles.  We only found one new investigator from it all, but that one is what makes it all worth it.  He is 22 and looking for truth, but pretty much gave up on trying to find it cause of all the churches out there.  It was funny, we were teaching him in his front yard and about half way though when we introduced the Book of Mormon his concerned Christian neighbor came over and asked “Victor, are you okay?” he said “well, uhh yeah I’m fine, why do you ask?” then she said “no I mean are you okay?” and gestured  towards us hahaha, but we have a lesson set with him this week at the church and are going to hand him off to the Y.S.A. elders! 🙂
     Lots of goodbyes and biking around yesterday.  It was HOT!  Only 80, but with the humidity it makes it hotter!  Maybe I’m just a baby, but I’m not used to this weather!  Its fun to be in an area for this long, but it also stings a little more when you have to leave.  I have made so many friends here and it’s never fun saying goodbye to those you love, but I’ll be back!  It would be fun to take the family back and visit some of these people! 🙂  Well I have to get going, but I hope all is well, and everyone travels safely to the destinations! I love you all!

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