August 1, 2016

     Lots of fun stuff happening back home! Elder Knight is a boss. (I am pretty sure that’s a compliment.)  He has been a zone leader 6 months already and all of his comps have either been zone leaders or assistants previously.  So he has some knowledge he is needing to share with me.  It’s pretty good to be able to learn from him and he doesn’t have a problem sharing it with me!  I’m just trying to suck his brain dry and figure it all out 🙂 He’s been in Buckley for one transfer, so 6 weeks, and he knows the area as much as you can after 6 weeks.  It’s a pretty big area.  We had 3 people committed to be baptized, but the most promising one texted us Sunday right before church and told us he doesn’t want to continue on.  We were pretty beat up over it.  He is a way cool guy.  Elder Knight was more devastated than I was just cause he taught him more, but that is to be expected.  We have a 15 year old girl who is supposedly going to be baptized on her 16th birthday, but we are waiting for permission from her parents, so we will see what happens.  The other man is an older guy named Bill Fehers and he is super cool, but will most likely be needing to be baptized later on just cause he doesn’t fully understand the doctrine yet.  We met two solid promising guys this week, and dang they are awesome.  Aaron and Mike.  We taught Aaron last night and he is so prepared.  We are teaching Mike tomorrow and he is also super cool.
     Lately I’ve been thinking about how sacred the calling of being a missionary really is and its pretty special.  It makes me a little sad that I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have the first half of my mission, but it’s all engines on ‘go’ from now on.  The ward is super awesome here, but they don’t feed us like my last area.  I’ve been dying lately.  I’m so used to being fed every night, and we had all our (2) dinners fall through this week! I’m starving!  Well I will talk to you next week!  Oh, and if there is enough money in my account then take it out and fix the tranny on the Ford!  I still feel really bad that I never got that fixed before I left…I hardly use my personal funds, unless I’m sending home tons of stuff I don’t need!  I hope those made it there safely.  Well I gotta run, but thank you for all you do!  I hope everything goes well this week and you are able to figure out all the stuff with the tranny!  I love you!

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