July 18, 2016 Titled: ‘Pokemon Go’ is inspired of the Lord!

     This week was great!  We had interviews with President and Sister Rasmussen.  They are both so amazing!  I love them!  We had lots of canceled lessons….but went finding for back ups, so that was okay with us!  Monday we had an interesting thing happen to us.  We had just finished emailing and then we were at this light with some people crossing and we hear all this yelling.  We turn around and there is a black guy half way out the window yelling/ making fun of this white guy wearing a turtle neck!  It was so sad… so we just turned around and gave him the ‘what the heck look’ and he stopped being a jerk.  The light turns green and we go and then they fly up next to us and say “ohhh its the Mormons!” so I say “hey! super rude. Repent!” and then they roll up their windows and seemed like they felt like idiots.  Then another car pulls up on our left and they are all black then another little car filled with dudes.  The last car pulls in front of us and then then left lane traffic slows so the middle car swerves into the right lane and totally cuts off his buddies!  They have to slam on their brakes and swerve and end up slamming into a wall!!!  They keep on going and their front wheel is just ruined and wobbling like crazy!  They all end up getting into the left lane and have to stop for traffic.  So we pass them, and I just give them thumbs up while we drive past.  It was great!
     Everyone is outside now cause of this pokemon go game!  We don’t even need to go tracting now because all the people who usually stay inside are outside trying to catch em all!  haha  We have talked with so many people because of that game, its great!

     Transfers are next Tuesday so we will see what happens.  We both have been in the area for a little while and don’t know what is going to happen.  The area is pretty hard to be honest.  Not that people don’t want to talk with us, but they just don’t hold our second lessons to any importance at all.  People bail on us to go get McDonalds!  We have been trying to get people more in the mind set of this being of eternal importance, but the scriptures say it best, “This is a wicked and perverse generation”!  We keep on going though!
     Well I’ll try and send some pictures your way! Thank you for the birthday wishes (Elder Pratt’s birthday is on the 22nd) and package!  I love you and hope all is well this week!

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