June 20, 2016

     I’m so glad that you didn’t end up being evacuated!  (the parents had a forest fire near Show Low and were on evacuation notice for a couple of weeks) I was a little worried to get a call from sister Young at the office!  At first I was thinking it was a death of one of my grandparents, but nope!  So that makes me happier.  I’ve been telling everyone that you are evacuated!  Now I have to go back and tell them all that I lied!!!  That is good news, and I am happy to do it.  I was worried I wouldn’t have a home to come back to!  That is so awesome about J and all his friends being able to go down to the ranch!  I wish I would have done that with my friends 😦 I am so excited to be able to go after the mission and see all the things that have changed!  I could live down there, and honestly it wouldn’t be too bad of a place to raise some ninos!  With the way the world is going, I might just do that!  There are so many gays here and gay pride flags flying.  I know we are suppose to love them, and all I can say is I love ’em, but hate the sin, and how they are so open about it.
     That is crazy that my friends are home now!  What the heck, that was fast!
     Deanna Moore’s baptism was amazing!  That’s the happiest I’ve ever been on my mission and probably up there with happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life.  All of the planning and time spent out there teaching them the gospel payed off.  It was amazing!!!  The crazy thing was that Deanna has a sister and she met a man who needed something else in his life.  He had a near death experience and was in a coma for a few weeks.  We taught him and then I got transferred just before he got baptized.  Then when I started talking to him at her baptism he said how when he thinks of his elders he thinks of me and Elder Kofford.  Now, are you ready to throw up?  Get the bucket ready, this will make you sick to your stomach.  He then said, “yeah I wanted you there, why didn’t you come?”  Elder Kofford didn’t tell me he wanted me there!!!  He just said “hey, Craig is getting baptized!” but he never invited me or told me to come.  I wanted to cry, but I told him that when he goes through the temple I can go if he invites me and I actually get the invitation.
     Not being able to have dairy is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me.  I can’t eat anything and the worst part is that I’m “that elder” everyone refers to cause they can’t just make whatever!  Today we were looking for a place to eat and I say, ” hey, let’s try Godfathers pizza!” So we walk in and I just think, oh wait, I can’t eat any of this stuff… So we went to D.Q. that was next door and I couldn’t even look at half of the menu! 😦 I think my life is over, hahah, but one more week of this and then I get to go back to the dr to see what’s really wrong with me.  So I’m looking forward to that! Yesterday for Fathers Day they gave all the men Klondike bars.  So I was happily eating mine and about half way through I realized I can’t eat it, so I gave it to my comp.  He is loving this too!  He gets all my ice cream members give me and everything.  LUCKY!
Everything here is great!  We just keep on going and teaching people. Well, all who listen that is.  This guy in the ward gave us some debate tips to help us be more successful, so we will see how that goes.  I mean we do have the spirit, which is like the best tool of all, but having a little extra knowledge doesn’t hurt.  Well I gotta go, but I will talk to you next week!  Happy anniversary!  I love you!

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