July 6, 2016

     This week was pretty great.  We have been trying to go out with a member every night and it’s been pretty great.  What we are trying is ‘finding’ pretty much all day then going back to the potential investigators with members with us.  So far, nothing different; they still aren’t home, but once we catch them home I’m sure they will be more willing to listen to us if we have an older male with us.  I’ve seen it work with a few potentials, but we will see if it increases their chance of letting us teach them right then.
     So our 4th was…different. We did some service for members who are moving to a new home and we moved the biggest fridge I’ve ever seen down some stairs into a trailer.  It was massive!  There were 4 guys on it and it still kicked our bums!  Then we met the zone leaders at our apartment and took their car to Graham for a baptism!  Elder Higgingson taught this man in his last area and it was a pretty cool place to be on the 4th.  It was the most spiritual baptism I’ve ever been to. It was calm and peaceful and when he came up out of the water he just had a huge smile on his face and stood there and said “wow… that was awesome!”  It truly was.  He started going to church to “gain ammunition against Mormons” but that Book of Mormon gets ’em every time!  🙂 So we then came back here and decided to take our lunch and dinner at the same time so we had “lunch” at 4:30 and  we napped for 2 hours till 6:30. It was glorious! Then we went out and tried to talk to a few people, but with no success we then headed over to a members home for a party thing at 7:30.  It was in a cul-de-sac completely closed off and there were tons of families there and it was just great!  Good food too!  And the real shocker was I won my first raffle!  It was just a little metal sign that says ‘keep your eye on the ball’, but hey that is pretty good for me!  I’ve never been the lucky one when it comes that that stuff!  We then headed home and I just sat there and watched the fireworks from our window and it was pretty great!  Then I tried to go to bed in a war zone and I wasn’t very tired.  Kinda rough.  That nap wasn’t the best of ideas after all.
     Well I have to run, but I hope you know I love you and hope all is going well back home!

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