July 11, 2016

     YES, President Eaton played a big part in starting the Pathways program!  You should totally do it!  (mom has gone back to school to finish what she started…go mom!) That would be great! It sounds like everything is great back home and here in Washington where Rich is at!  I knew about the sailing (Rich and his family went sailing in the San Juan Islands, but I couldn’t go because of baby #4), but didn’t know it was just Rich.  Have Levi and Brett changed a lot or are they still pretty much the same as when they left?  That is a cool experience Levi had.  Great stuff is happening back home!
     This week has been pretty great.  It went very fast.  Wednesday we met President and Sister Rasmussen (new mission president and wife)! They are so great! and opposite from President and Sister Eaton!  President Eaton was louder and Sister Eaton more quiet, but they are totally different.  He was in the special forces and is way humble.  A little short, but a powerful man and speaker.  They are amazing and I love them already!  Then later that day our zone leaders bailed on us for service at the food bank and so we ended up going finding for 4 hours straight and met some nice people.  Not any that are willing to change, but kind people do make a difference!  Thursday we had zone training and heard from the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and the assistants.  It was the best one I’ve ever been to, all about obedience and purifying our hearts/motives.  I left inspired to be better!  Our one solid investigator didn’t show up for our lesson later that night, but a new chiropractor moved into the ward and he works on us for FREE!!!  So we got treated super nice to a back adjustment.  It was great!  He wants to work on us every week to get us in shape!  Apparently Elder Higgingson and I are in pretty bad shape! These beds here aren’t 5 star by any means.  Friday we had our weekly planning and met a man named Derek and he was all into it.  We had a lesson with him on his lawn and we asked him if he would read the Book of Mormon and he said “I’ll do it if you promise it will make me happy.”  So we did and he was excited to start into it!  Then we went to a louah (I don’t know how to spell that, but you got me, right?) and it was pretty great.  After that we went to the elders quorum Friday night darts activity.  Non members and investigators go and we feel like one of them is close to being baptized; He just doesn’t know it yet.  Saturday we went on an exchange and I got to go back to Silver Lake and had dinner with the bishop and his family.  I was so happy to see them again!  Sunday we had no one at church, but we had to teach a bunch of 13 year old girls about covenants…. for an hour…. what the heck are we suppose to say!?  Well it went alright, but it wasn’t the greatest.
     Nothing too exciting for this week, but it was a great week!  We had a ‘turn up the heat lesson’ for Casanova and Nailah.  It was great!  King Lamoni’s father was willing to give up half his kingdom for his life, but all of it for eternal life and had them figure out what they are going to do to know if this is true.  Pretty good.  I gotta get going.  Thanks for the update!  I’ll talk to you next week!  I love you!

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