June 28, 2016

     This week was pretty killer.  We did tons of contacting and a little finding.  We realized that the lessons we set with people in the past didn’t happen, so we just stopped setting stuff up.  We maybe went a little too extreme, because this week we pretty much had no lessons set… it was a little rough.  So now we are focusing on getting the set lessons and bringing members to all our lessons.
     I had the chance to go on a blitz with one of my zone leaders and wow he is so good.  We visited a less active lady and her daughter, and the mom is just so far out there.  She told us she was married in the temple and held lots of callings in the past.  It was kinda like she was trying to brag, but it ended up blowing up in her face cause Elder Riley pulled out some scripture that was very blunt with God not looking upon sin in any allowance, and the cool thing was that it was straight from the mouth of the Savior.  It was pretty intense, and we reminded her of the promises she had made God.  We hope she comes back, but I highly doubt it… so I’m working on being more bold and loving towards all, and truly raising a voice of warning.
     Last night was sweet!  We got to go to the mission devotional and sing in it. It was President and Sister Eaton’s last one.  We get a new president on Friday.  It was way cool to hear President Eatons last remarks and to be able to sing with converts from different countries.  It was one of the highlights of my mission.
     As far as anything super exciting goes I don’t really have anything for you this week.  I am going to the doctor tomorrow to see if I am truly lactose intolerant.  I sure hope not, but I’m guessing that is what it is 😦  Its so crazy, when I say “I’m lactose intolerant” it doesn’t pass through their head that I can’t have dairy at all!  Dinner last night was a bummer!  Caesar salad with cheese and chocolate chip cookies for desert.  This is hard stuff for me!
     The sun is finally out!!!  The beginning of the week I was going to take a picture of the weather and send it you and have you guess what month it was just based upon the looks of the place.  I would have guessed February cause it was still gloomy and raining the tail end of June!!!!  Like what the heck!  But now it’s warming up and there are lots of people outside to talk to so my little heart is happy 😉
     Well I have to get!  I will talk to you next week!  Have a good one!  I love you!
Elder Pratt

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