June 11, 2016

Hi Family!
     Have fun in Mexico!!!  I love that place (Grandpa Pratt’s ranch).  It sounds like J is real screwed.  Poor kid!  He was way busier than I ever was in high school, but his memories will probably be greater than mine also so there is the plus.
     I am staying here another 6 weeks with Elder Higginson, but the car isn’t… it’s leaving us so we are back to bikes!  It’s been a pretty gray summer too.  It rained for a good chunk of last week and we are hitting the streets back on bike!  Right when I get nice and fat and loose all my leg muscles!  Super excited 😉 hahah it will be good.  I really do like biking WAY more than having a car anyways, but it’s always hard for the first few days when your muscles are getting torn down all day.
     This week has been pretty great as far as missionary work goes.  Elder Higginson has had some weird pressure build up in his ears so we had an appointment for that and then to the pharmacy 3 times to get his prescriptions.  Then I have been having my “bowels filled with mercy” for the past 5 or so weeks.  I went to the doctor yesterday and he said it might be an intolerance to lactose 😦 So I have to go 2 weeks with no dairy products. No milk, cheese, or ICE CREAM!!!  Then a less active member took us to Olive Garden and everything was covered with cheese…. no bueno!  So, we will see what happens after the two weeks.  I’m really hoping that it is a parasite. I like my milk products WAY to much to get rid of that.
     Best news ever!  I got a call from the office elders yesterday night and they told me that Deanna Moore is getting baptized this Thursday at 7 pm and she wants me there!  I am soooo excited to be there for that.  I worked with her for 5 months or so in Enumclaw.  I’ll send some pictures next week.  Oh, and next week I’ll email a little later on Monday night.  I am going to choir….it is President and Sister Eatons last mission devotional and I thought it would be cool to be able to sing in the choir.  I gotta run!  I love you so much and hope everything is going well!
Elder Pratt

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