May 31, 2016

I’m glad J won some good stuff (graduation night for the seniors Jeremiah won a laptop!). That helps balance out the awesome prizes I didn’t win at mine after they promised us up and down that everyone would get something! 😉 I still can’t believe that J is done with high school… that just blows my mind! I’m glad that all is well on the home front!
This week we had some amazing things happen. We are teaching this 17 year old named Casanova. So we ended up going over to his home Saturday night and we caught him home and his friend/next door neighbor was there too. Her name is Naileh. (pronounced Nayla). We ended up teaching her all of the restoration and the Book of Mormon lessons and Casanova even helped us teach it! She had some great questions and was so excited to get her own Book of Mormon. We invited her to come to church with us and Casanova the next day and she loved it! Everyone there was so welcoming to her and just loved her so much. She is also 17, and is excited to get into Young Women’s. We are really happy for her. Today we sent her a scripture and asked if she had a chance to read the ‘golden bible” and she said oh just the first few pages. We were happy that she even opened it. That is super rare here where we usually have to spoon feed people their salvation. I’ll keep you posted on her! Hopefully she will have a baptismal date by next week!
Well I have to run. I’m sorry for not managing my time more wisely to send a longer email and an ever better update. Next week I’ll do better! 🙂 I love you, and have a great week!

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