May 23, 2016


What a week! We did some good stuff I feel like! We were suppose to have a few investigators at church, but ended up with one unexpected one! Her name is Jody and we were in ward council and we got a text from her daughter saying she was coming! We were excited to see her there! And better yet, the talks were all about the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost! She loved it! But get this, only two people said hi to her… and better yet, she is a single black lady surrounded in a congregation of white folks! We hope she doesn’t take it like that, but you never know. I’ve had that happen before… so we rebuked our ward and lets see how many will try that move again. It was pretty frustrating to be honest. Our ward is super good at coming to lessons with us, but not finding or being the most friendly at church. I hope whenever the missionaries bring someone new you introduce yourself to them. It makes all the difference in someone’s conversion if they feel like they are wanted at church 🙂

We were supposed to have Casanova at church yesterday but he wasn’t able to come cause he was in Seattle with his mom. We stopped by last night and were just talking to him about the gospel and asked him how prayer was going, and he said it was amazing. He told us everytime he prays out loud by himself he always ends up crying. How special is that? He can truly feel Gods love. It was so cool. Then we were just about to leave and his friend asks “Hey I have a question. Where is your church at?” so we sat back down and started telling her about the gospel and turns out she is his next door neighbor and would like to be taught too and come to church! MIRACLES EVERYWHERE! God is supa good!
Well I gotta get, but I hope all is well on the home front! Things are great out here! Have a great week! I love you! Oh, and p day is on Tuesday next week

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