May 16, 2016

This week was great! It flew by just like the previous week! We were able to see lots of cool things happen. Having a car is pretty great! I feel like we are way more productive than when we were on bikes. We had our stake conference yesterday. We were trying to pick up Casanova, one of our investigators, but he didn’t answer the phone and apparently slept in. He’s 17, so I don’t blame him. But we ended up taking a recent convert. We showed up and the broadcast didn’t work! We ended up having a little testimony meeting and then finally we were able to get just audio from it. But it was super good…. all about missionary work and service.
Not too much crazy things happened this week. The other day we were trying to see some people and so we pull up and some kids on bikes roll past. They yell ‘hey what religion are you guys?’ so we yell back ‘MORMONS’! They ride over and tell us they are Mormon and used to live in Las Vegas. So we get their address and stopped by last night. Turns out they are less active and they have a boy who is nine and wants to be baptized super bad! And the boyfriend isn’t a member. We were able to talk with him a little afterwards and we ended up praying with him for strength to stop drinking and smoking. Super cool family! Miracles do happen! So we are pretty excited about them! Well that is pretty much all I got this week. Pretty short,  but what more can I say? ha! 🙂 I’ll talk to you next week! I love you!

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