April 25, 2016

Whew what a crazy week! That is super scary about your leg and rib! Mom you don’t recover as quickly now, especially being married to an old guy 😉 (One of Jeremiah’s friends mistook dad for J’s grandpa) hahaha That had me bustin up! Poor dad.. it must be hard for him to think that he is old especially since he is still so young at heart! Could you take a picture of the paper (Jeremiah was in the Flagstaff newspaper- hugging trees on Earth Day) and send it though email? That would be sweet!
Yep my week was definitely not as busy as yours. We had those 17 canceled two weeks ago, so beginning of last week we decided that no one can cancel if we don’t have anything set! So we had like 6 things set and only 4 canceled! Half of them were member meals too! It’s tough when even members bail on you! Doesn’t matter cause the church is still true! We spent tons of time finding this week. I don’t know which is worse, finding all day, or showing up to lessons that are non-existent 🙂   This week we are going to try and set things up more. If they cancel we know who isn’t prepared or all that interested in the gospel and who we can then focus our efforts on them. It should be pretty good 🙂
Miracle time! We were out finding Friday night and ran into this guy around 6ish. We walked up to him and he just started crying instantly. He was 56 and had a bad hip and just relapsed after being sober for 7 ?. he felt like he had failed God and that God didn’t love him any more. It was so sad to see someone so helpless. we then prayed with him and tried to comfort him the best we could do, but it wasn’t working all that well… we then started to walk with him and ended up walking till about 8:30 all the way across our area. We took his super heavy bad and relieved the load he was carrying that way at least and about 30 minutes into it he was starting to get happier and towards the end he was laughing and joking around with us telling us he had made two brand new friends who truly love him. He was dang right! He invited himself to church and made sure we would pick him up Sunday morning. So Sunday rolls around and me and my ward mission leader go over to get him ( my comp was getting some one else) and turns out he wasn’t there!!! I was super hurt. So we went back later that day and he said that he would come next week, but that’s what they all say. Either way, my comp and I know that God put us there and we were meant to walk with this man and become friends with him for some reason or another. His agency may get in the way, but it was a pretty cool experience to be able to see someone so low and sad, then turn to someone who is joyful and happy, all because of two strangers love. We hope he makes the correct choices that will bring him lasting joy, but there is only so much we can do! 🙂
Well I have to get going, but thank you for the update! 🙂 I hope you get better mom and that things slow down a little bit haha 🙂 I love you!

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