March 7, 2016

Spring here is…. still wet.  Apparently this has been the wettest winter ever recorded in Seattle history!  I survived!!!  Well, kinda!  The trees all have beautiful pink and white buds on them and its definitely pretty, but still rains like crazy!  I heard that Enumclaw is getting moved around and I am sooo happy for them!  We didn’t really do much to help with that, but it is a much needed change.  Did Sister Moore tell you?  We get our new president in the tail end of June I think.  It will be interesting to see if he is more strict than President Eaton, or more relaxed.  I can’t imagine him being more strict… that would kill me!  You know me; I’ve never been a real big fan on rules and all that.  I try, but it’s definitely hard for me… that would be nuts if Show Low wards are all put together in the same stake!  I’ll come home to a whole new ward!

Well this week was mostly a blur… I don’t really remember a whole lot and it feels like I was just emailing you all like two days ago!  I did get to go on an exchange with an elder in his area the other day and man, his area is tough!  The missionaries in the past just pestered the people too much and were jerks to them and so now all the people HATE missionaries.  We would just walk up to people and they were like “nope, keep moving!  Get outta here!  Leave!”  Everyone we talked to was like that… we did find this super nice family and started talking to them about the gospel, but turns out the dude lived in Utah for years and knows all about the church and isn’t interested.  Dang agency…. gets in the way every time! 😉 But it definitely humbled me.  We had nothing to do but tract and walk the streets and faced opposition wherever we went.  I feel bad for the elders serving there!  I suggested to president to either shut down the area, or send all the prideful cocky missionaries there haha!  We’ll see what happens.

Well cool stuff happened this week, but I don’t really remember what.  We had a less active member come with us to church who we had been working with for a while and that was super good.  It turns out the spirit of Elijah is real.  We talked about family history with him and he is super interested in learning more!  That is what got him!  He now wants to schedule appointments to go to the new family history center and learn more!  It is way cool to see that work in him.  I have to get going.  I have been asked to give a talk this Sunday and I am the concluding speaker!  My first 20 minute talk and I am pretty scared, but it’s on the atonement so I couldn’t have asked for a better topic to speak on that would fill up the time!  So I have to look some stuff up and get ready for that, but next week I’ll record some miracles and cool, funny things that happen.  That way my emails aren’t that boring!  I love you!


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