March 28, 2016

elder H

New comp Elder Higginson

     Easter was pretty nuts!  So yes, I have a new comp and we do get along well.  It’s always a tough adjustment, but working on it.  This week, as far as lesson teaching goes, we had 7 lessons fall though/cancel… ridiculous…. it’s so frustrating at times, but we just keep on going and trust that we are in that specific area for a reason.  We walked to church yesterday hoping to talk with people all along the way, but no one was out and the ones who were didn’t want to hear it!  But we get in the church and I am looking out over the congregation for new faces, and to my surprise I see a face I know but haven’t seen in a while.  I wasn’t able to talk with him till after the meeting just because we got swarmed with members (people love us), but I walk up to him and ask “hey are you a McNeil by chance?”  He looks at me surprised and confused and I say “It’s Jay, right?” Sure enough, Jay McNeil lives in my ward!!!  I don’t know if you remember him too well, but he was the one who took me out rock climbing and helped me get my merit badge, but moved away to Seattle for a job opening as a police officer!  It was so cool!!!  We took a selfie in the chapel… shhhhh 😉  We got his address and phone number and he said to come by and visit him and his girlfriend who is also a police officer.  I have been looking for Jay the whole time I’ve been out and asking around to other cops if they know him, but what do you know, he is in my ward!  So that was a pretty sweet miracle we saw!  Then later that night we had a delicious ham dinner and then had to bike like 2 miles to our next appointment and it was mostly up hill.  We got there late, but it didn’t matter anyways, they weren’t home.  We decided to go tracting for the rest of the night and then contacting at like 8 downtown.  We ended up talking to this Hispanic guy and shared the new Easter video.  He was set with his religion, so we started walking around and we met this crazy dude.  His name was Rich Rhymes.  He’s a free style rapper who was actually pretty good, but wayyyyy drunk.  At first we thought it was super funny so we were messing with him a little and then he tells us a little more about him and turns out he just got out of a 3 month coma and now has short term memory loss… he was so messed up and the alcohol didn’t make it any better.  So we talked to him and ended up calling his sister so she could come get him instead of the cops.  We waited outside of the 7/11 for an hour!  He peed twice just right there, offered everyone his beer and pizza, passed out on us a few times, had an asthma attack so we had to snag his inhaler out of his pocket, tried to fight this flock of black dudes, gave us hugs and started crying, then tried to knock us out cause he didn’t know who we were the next five minutes, free styled for us about his life, tried to catch rides to the casino so he could make it rich, prayed for us and himself, made us feel his scars on his head multiple times where they operated on him, made us hold his beer and cigarettes, telling everyone who walked by ‘Happy Easter’…. the list just goes on and on, it was so funny!  Probably the craziest experience of my mission for sure!  But his sister did come and got him.  We got his phone number and plan on calling him, hopefully when he isn’t smashed drunk and see if we can help him out with addiction recovery.  Maybe his sister will even get baptized, who knows, but it was a pretty crazy night last night!  Well that is about all I have that is email worthy this week!  Next week will be a little more spiritual I hope and maybe a little less intense, but whatever happens, happens… this is Federal Way.  Crazy stuff goes down here!  Well I will talk to you next week!  Love ya!


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