February 29, 2016

My new area is great and I love my companion!  Our area is super small and a big change from being in a huge rural area, but I really do like it.  The first Sunday I may have mentioned something like I felt like I didn’t belong here cause all the people are city slickers, but after yesterday I finally started to feel better.  We went on an exchange with our zone leaders and I had to take over the area after only being here for 5 days!  I didn’t know any of the investigators, any of the members, or even the boundaries; but I just prayed so hard that morning and night before to be supported and led and guided and so we went out and ended up teaching 5 lessons on the spot and inviting them to be baptized.  It was a way cool day, and a real testimony builder that the Lord does support those who ask.

Speaking of baptism, we had one yesterday!  I didn’t do anything to help, but just showed up and Elder Tavo had been working with him for a while and it was way cool!  I’ll send some pictures! He is a 12 year old who is second to last to be baptized.  All that’s left in the family now is the super anti dad!  Elder Tavo has been working with the Nimah family for a while, and baptized 4 of them!  He is a really good missionary and I am trying to suck his brain dry before he goes home in 3 weeks.  I am not happy about that and neither is he;  he HATES when any one brings it up.  He truly just loves his mission so much, and frankly I don’t blame him.  Being a missionary is way cool.  And it’s crazy how fast it goes by!  I haven’t even hit my year mark, but it feels like I have only been out maybe 2 months.

There is a guy in my new ward named Phil Roth and he says that he got a ride from Rick while he was at Texas A&M!  Crazy world!  He came up to me and asked “Hey you wouldn’t happen to be related to the Pratts in El Paso, would ya?”  Haha finally someone gets it right! Everyone asks me that wherever I go and they are always places I have never heard of, but I don’t blame them for checking.  Pratts are pretty cool people!

Well… nothing else really exciting happened this week… I discovered I need to make some fenders for my bike real quick.  The other night we were riding around and a huge storm hit, nothing new, but when you are on a bike, its bad news!  By the time we got to our dinner apt, we both were drenched to the bone!  Especially me because my bike has no fenders!  So I’m going to rig some out of cardboard, duct tape and wire hangers today so I can at least see where I’m going! The water flips up off the front tire and goes right in my face!  No bueno!  But life is good! 🙂

Talk to you next week!!! Thanks for all you do mom! I love you!


The recent convert.  Elder Pratt says that he promises that he was happy…even if he doesn’t look like it in  this pic! ha ha!


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