February 22, 2016


Goodbye Elder Kofford


Hello Elders Tavo and Clous

***post from mom:  On Saturday I got a text photo from the Moore family. They said that Elder Pratt was being transferred to Federal Way and were very sad to see him go. He was very close to this family and recently had the mission president, Pres. Eaton, sit in on a discussion. The Moore’s mentioned this discussion and are progressing nicely. I just love getting  text messages/pictures from the families in WA!


****now back to Elder Pratt:  Well as you probably know from Deanna Moore, I got emergency transferred to Federal Way bike area Saturday night.  We got a call from President Saturday around 9 telling us, so we spent all Saturday packing, then went to a baptism with Deanna and Tony around 1, broke it to them and then went and packed some more.  Left there, said bye to this awesome family, and then had dinner back at the apartment with the Enumclaw 3rd ward elders.  I wrestled Elder Payen once more to see if he could beat me, nope! I destroyed him!  My record is like 11 to 0 and he tries soooo hard to beat me, but just can’t do it 😉  Anyways, we then went and saw one more family that I love and then met the office elders at the apartment at 8 and was in Dolloff Lake in Federal Way by 9.  So the reason I got moved was an elder in the Maple Valley zone went home for medical reasons so his comp went to Enumclaw with Elder Kofford and in Federal Way Elder Tavo was training a missionary and he is going home tomorrow for medical/ lack of desire to be out here, so president put me with him and told me to pick his brain because he is going home in 4 weeks!  Sad day… I really like Elder Tavo.  He is Tongan from Tonga and had to learn English to come out here so at times I can’t understand him, but he is so funny and way cool.  President basically told me that he could be his assistant, but just didn’t work out logically.  So I feel super stoked to be able to learn from one of the best!  The area is hoppin’ and lots of stuff is happening!  There are people everywhere and we have a baptism happening this Sunday!  So things are actually flowing here!  It should be good.  This sounds bad to say, but I can’t wait for Elder Clous to go home already so I can have a bed to sleep on and a closet to put all my junk in instead of just living out of my suit case!  And the floor is hard…  but other than that I am doing pretty fantaliastic! 🙂  Next week’s email will be better!

Deanna and Tony, the ones who were messaging you are seriously my favorite people ever!  I miss them so much!  I saw them at the missionary devotional last night and I was just talking to them for like 30 minutes and I am so sad I have to leave them.  I am sure things will keep on going for their conversion!  It will be fun to come back and visit!

That is so sad to hear about Brother Brackney… I didn’t know Daniel was going into the Marines too.  That would be so rough if he couldn’t get it worked out.  Man I feel bad.  He was a pretty good guy.

Well I gotta get going!  This hobo next to me wants to be baptized on the spot so we are gonna head on over to the sound and give him a dunk 😉  I love you, and hope you have a way good week!!!


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