February 16, 2016

I did have a great week!  Obedience, huh?  (mom was assigned a talk on obedience and bounced the idea off of our favorite Elder)  That’s a tough one for me.  I have a hard time being obedient if I don’t have the why behind it.  It is the first law of Heaven, That’s about all I know!  I’m sure there are more unseen than seen blessings. It’s especially hard being obedient when its dark outside, people don’t want you knocking, and you have nothing to do… okay I got one!  A few months ago we were tracting at like 7:30, facing opposition at pretty much every door, and then we knock this door and ask her something about the gospel.  We end up talking for a little while and she ends up telling us that she just recently had her father pass away and a few days before, her youngest son got hit by a train and was killed.  We ended up talking about the Plan of Salvation for a few minutes and gave her a pamphlet, then asked if we could come back (she didn’t have time right then).  Now she is a good friend!  We continue to visit with Robin and talk about her trials and how God is there for her and how trials bring people closer to God.  She is an awesome lady!  And we would have never met her if we didn’t knock her door at that time.  That is like the only time she is home, and you would be surprised by this but, here’s a little secret for ya, missionaries hate tracting at night!  But that is my story about obedience.  Hopefully she will choose clearly to get baptized!  That would be cool!

I have a funny story about Robin that happened this week.  We were going to visit her, so we get out and I grabbed the phone and slide it to Elder Kofford over the roof of the car because he is my secretary and I’m his shofar (haha…I just had to leave that spelling).  We go and talk with her, but she didn’t have much time, so left her to her work and drove off.  We hear this noise come from the trunk area and I ask Elder Kofford “what was that?!” he says “I dunno?”  So we keep driving and decide to do some night service for this lady in the ward.  We go to call her and it hits me that the noise we heard was the phone!!!!!  Elder Kofford didn’t notice I slid it to him and I didn’t realize he didn’t grab it! So we think back to when we heard that noise and both of us remember it was by a street light, but that is about it… we think it through and decide it is on one of three streets.  Two of which are residential, but the other is a pretty heavily traveled road.  We parked and walked the busier one, just looking everywhere for it!  It was like a mile down the road!  We turned around and walked back going to get flash lights.  So we were headed back to the apt and we see the other elders car at the church.  So we tell them all about it and use their phone to call it and it rings!!!  It’s alive!!!  We couldn’t believe it!  So we borrowed their phone and grab some lights and hit the streets again!  Nothing!  We spent 2 1/2 hours looking for it that night.  The next morning we do our exercise and eat and shower and all that and then hit the streets again!  We looked everywhere for it!  We searched for another 1 1/2 hours.  Nothing!!!  It was lost real good.  So we ended up having to get a new phone with all new contacts on it… the whole ward directory and investigators, potentials, recent converts, other missionaries….. It was a rough experience, but the guy in charge of phones didn’t even care!  He was pretty chill.  It’s just hard to start over!

Well that’s all I got for this week. I had more, but I’ve got to get.  Thank you for all you do mom!  I sure do love you!


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