April 4, 2016

This week was pretty sweet!  The sun was out almost every day!  My soul was happy.  We also discovered a huge trick to missionary work!!!  If we take our ward missionaries with us to shady/not so solid first lessons the chance of us actually getting to teach them goes WAY up!  There was this dude we talked to like two weeks ago and he told us we could stop by sometime on the weekend.  Not very solid but it was worth a shot.  So we set up this time to go out with Bro. Lewis to see him and we show up, knock on the door, he sees us, ehh, then sees Bro. Lewis, and instantly says “well we should get some chairs out so we can have a lesson out here”  Then we were able to teach them and turns out she is Native American and had questions like how her people got here, what happened after Christ was resurrected, why there are so many churches, tons of good stuff!  And it’s always way better to just have members there so they can share their testimony.  It was sweet.  It turns out she has wanted to be baptized for a while now, but just didn’t know which church to choose!  We want to try and take members with us for all our first lessons now.  That way they not only are turning down two weirdos in white shirts, but also a real person you could say.  Haha!  Then after that lesson we felt like we needed to go see this dude named Joshua, who we hadn’t seen in forever.  So we do, and right when we knock, he pulls up and we soon find out he is moving, so we offered our help and that is pretty much what we did all weekend between sessions of the best general conference ever!  We ended up teaching him and his wife and yeah they aren’t too solid, just cause they have different views on things, but we are hoping to be able to get their address for their new house so missionaries can help them physically move, then help them spiritually.  Joshua ended up giving us tons of stuff too; jackets, shoes, ties, and pillows, it was probably over a thousand dollars’ worth in clothes, easy.

Conference was super good!  I really enjoyed it!  Especially how most of them spoke on how we are all sons and daughters of God and how temples are our end goal!  That was super good.  I especially liked the talk on refugees, how their story was our story.  Then when President Uchtdorf got up and announced the rest of the layout he was all choked up because he was in that same boat being bombed out of his home and town… it was super special and really put it into perspective of how we need to do our part to help those in need, whether it is helping those oversea or right in our own backyard.  Not too much happened this week, just lots of sharing the gospel and walking miles to find canceled appointments cause our bikes are both broken, but hey it’s a pretty good life sharing the gospel every day, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.  Till next week!  Love ya!

bicycles sunset

“Viva Bicicletas”


“Not as good as an AZ sunset but pretty dang close”


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