April 18, 2016

I hope all is well with dad and J!  (They are wearing themselves thin with play practice, work, all state, etc.  They actually missed stake conference on Sunday trying to catch up on sleep.)  That is no good!  You know what is crazy!?  When you told me they weren’t able to make it to conference the inside of me yelled “NOOOO!”  A year ago I would have been intentionally looking for any excuse to not have to go to conference.  I just love the gospel so much now.  There is nothing better than it, nor will there ever be.  People get caught up in the little things of the world and substitute them for the gospel and it drives me nuts!  Not saying that J or dad didn’t have a good enough excuse, because they definitely did, but just like other dumb things like fishing or pure laziness.  It’s so sad to see.  The elect will be deceived by the craftiness of men.

I bet you received the picture from Ed.  He is a star!  He came with us Thursday to just go tracting with us and to be able to teach a few on their door steps.  Then he took us and an investigator out to dinner.  We had Mexican food.  I miss Mexican food!  The investigators name was Casanova and he is a stud.  He’s 17 and just has such a strong desire to learn and grow.  Well we pick him up and turns out, he was high…Ii was super bummed.  He tried to eat his enchiladas with a knife!  So yeah that was a little troubling… but he came to church with us Sunday and he absolutely loved every minute of it.  People were introducing themselves left and right!  I was freaking out a little bit cause at first no one was, but then they started flocking to him and he loved it.  I invite everyone to introduce themselves to the people the missionaries are with.  Sometimes that makes all the difference in the individuals conversion.  Anyways he ended up staying all three hours with us and he loved gospel principles.  We were torn between taking him to class with the youth or to have him sit with us in gospel principles.  We started the book over again so it was all about God and the nature of Him, which was super good because he claims to be Buddhist Christian but has very little understanding about God.  All of our young men ditched class so we just had him go to bishop’s office and we ended up teaching the Book of Mormon lesson to him with bishop and our young men’s leader there.  It was awesome!  This was crazy, I was about to say something to Casanova and the spirit just constrained me.  I couldn’t talk.  Then bishop asked him some super inspired questions and I soon found out why I wasn’t able to speak.  It was one of the weirdest/ coolest experiences ever.  He is on track to be baptized May 14th so prayers would be appreciated!

As far as numbers go this week, we had at least one high one!  17 lessons fell through!  How nuts is that!?  I couldn’t believe that it happened, but if we would have been able to teach all of them plus the ones we did actually teach, it would have been 28 lessons!  That would have been sweet, but apparently God had some different plans for us.  We met some cool people because of it.  I just hate numbers period.  We hit the pavement and worked hard this week and that’s all that matters, right?

Well life is good.  I really like being a missionary.  Especially now that the sun is out and the skies are no longer gray.  People are outside and we didn’t have to knock a single door this week cause there are just so many people out and about walking around and doing yard work.  Contacting (talking to them and teaching doctrine on the spot) is so much better that tracting.  There isn’t a door that they can place between you and them so that makes it a little easier.

Have a great week!  I love you!


The pic Ed sent mom


A little P-day fishin’



all good

“It’s all good”

woods and rain

Riding through the rainy woods


Another bike wreck


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