April 11, 2016

Haha yeah don’t kill Nate’s birds… that would end badly for you!  I thought that was hilarious!  (Nathan has been in TX with Gma and Gpa Pratt since the end of February).  Seems like Nate just wants to hang out with grandma and grandpa!  That sounds pretty sweet!

This week was super good!  So I was to tell you about a way cool thing happened the other day.  We were out walking around headed to a recent convert’s home and met this kid named Casanova!  How cool is that?  He’s 17 and just a super friendly dude.  Even cooler, we set up a lesson to go over and teach him about the gospel.  So we showed up and he wasn’t home… but we got his number from his grandma and texted him and still nothing.  So after a while of waiting we took off up this huge hill to go see this other family and once we get to the top he texted us back saying he will be there in 5 minutes!  So we ended up going back and having a way cool lesson with him.  We invited him to be baptized on the 14th of May and he said he wants to.  Then we asked him to pray at the end of the lesson and just ask God some specific questions about what we taught and let him have some time to think and feel with his heart what the Spirit was saying after the prayer.  He said he felt like there was a fire in his chest and just knew it was all true.  We invited him to church and he said yes, but sadly Sunday morning he texted us and said he thinks he’s moving too fast… but it is still a miracle we get to teach him and help him be baptized!!!  Apparently we just need to take things a little slower.

Lots of super cool stuff happened this week.  We were able to teach tons of people on the spot at bus stops, the street, and in their yards and stuff.  One super cool thing was bishop gave us a list of people to go see, people he has either never met or just hasn’t seen in a while.  There was this guy named Trevor Brown he wanted us to track down.  We went by the beginning of last week and he wasn’t home.  But there was a guy across the street working on a jeep so we talked to him and he was pretty interested in learning more!  We gave him all the goodies and are trying to get ahold of him so we can meet up and share more/ answer questions.  Then the other day we felt like we should go try Brother Brown again and there weren’t any cars home so we just went and tried the guy we met the other day there, Dimitry.  He wasn’t home, but his brother in law was and we ended up talking to him forever on his porch!  After that a car pulled up at Bro Browns home and we went and talked to them.  Turns out Trevor Brown hasn’t lived there for 11 years!!  But we ended up talking to this lady who lives in the same home as he did and now we are teaching her tomorrow night!!!  Bishop is super inspired.  Three people coming from 1 less active referral who doesn’t even live there!

Well that’s all I got for this week. Peace and love!


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