November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving was good! I didn’t even get homesick! I thought about the family a lot, but not to the point of wishing I was back there. We had a feast, and yes… there was pie. It was good though! That is awesome that you had a good one as well.
I did get my watch and its super SICK! (For the older generation….That means he thinks it’s cool) I really like it and so do all the other elders. I tell them that I can get them one for ehh…hundred bucks! We played basketball for 3 hours as a zone on Thanksgiving and that is when I got it.
That sounds tough being in the wind. That is the thing I hate the most about mother nature. You’re right I need to stop complaining so much! I need more of a spirit of gratitude in my life! Speaking of complaining, this week STUNK! Haha, not really, but yeah…. it definitely wasn’t the best number wise. We only found one person, but she is pretty solid. I really don’t like numbers. We have the zone leaders and sister training leader in the district so of course their numbers are way better than ours, but I tried really hard to help Elder Kofford know that it’s not about numbers. So many missionaries get so caught up in them and realize the ones they are teaching really aren’t going anywhere because the focus is on baptism. So we just keep on going and work harder the next day. He (Elder Kofford) is doing well. I’ll try to send a picture of him. Do I have one? I’m not sure.
I went on an exchange with this elder who is pretty much like 100% by the books and really doesn’t have a problem telling missionaries they are breaking the rules. That was rough! Later that night he really opened up to me and asked how he can still obey the rules, but not worry so much if he accidentally breaks some, or when he sees other not doing what is right. It was a really cool experience. This elder (who is home now) told me “once you get to know someone’s story, you can’t help but love them.” That has stuck with me, and I see that it is true time and time again. It kind of goes along with what you said about compliments. And that is so true! I need to compliment more. That is a weakness of mine. But thank you for the advice! I will try and live it! I have to get runnin’, but thank you for being the best mommy in the whole world! I’m glad I chose this family to come to! I will talk to you next week! I love you mom!


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