January 4, 2016

Christmas was great! I was worried it was going to get to me, but it just felt like I woke up from a nap and I was ready to hit the streets just like any other day. It didn’t get to me at all. So that was good. Only 4 more months till Mother’s Day! And my year mark! Can you believe that?!? I can’t…. I need to get my “budissy” in gear and start being a missionary! Some of my goals for this new year are: trusting God more, not questioning rules, involve Heavenly Father in all we do, focus more on my purpose as a missionary, and be more BOLD!!! Let people know that this is the only way!!!! So it will be good. It’s the only year that I have fully dedicated to serving so I’m going to make the best of it.
That happy light and those magic pills have been working pretty good. The sun has been out this whole week, but it snowed yesterday and now it’s raining…but it is all good! We taught this kid the other day. He is 17 and has no religious background. He is dating this girl in the ward and so we had the lesson at the grandparent’s mansion. It was sweet! The Spirit was there and I can just see this guy getting baptized and serving a mission…we invited him to pray and he did right on the spot. It was so cool. I am going to try to include more spiritual things in my letters now.
I forgot about this! So we had a special training in Federal Way this past week. It was all on the Sabbath Day. Pretty good. Then we were driving back to our area and I pulled onto the highway in super thick traffic. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw this minivan that looked like the one that belongs to my most favorite family I’ve met so far. I was thinking no way that it’s them. There are so many people who drive that same van, but decided to lane change and slow down. Sure ‘nuff, it was Sister Chavez!!!!!! So I honked and got her attention and here we were are driving in traffic going 60 yelling back and forth to each other!!! Hahaha, it was so cool! God is good… like think of all the crazy things that had to happen just in order to be on the road at the same time, let alone me cutting her off!!!! She just emailed me and told me that Nic, her husband, has quit smoking and has been going strong for the past month. Now she is going to stop, and get married, and be baptized. This is the family that quit investigating the church after I left the area and I was so depressed that happened…but now they are doing so well!!! Amazing!
Could you give Corbin my email? I wanna see what’s up with him going on a mission and wanting to work on my truck! Well I gotta get, but I have been praying every night for the family to have the opportunity to share the gospel with someone. Every time I do, I always think of the street behind us. I don’t know why, but yeah. Maybe there is someone there! I love you!


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