January 26, 2016

*Mom sent the disclaimer that this email wouldn’t make much sense without reading her email to him first. I will put my commentary and explanations in the parenthesis.

I did get the suit and the package!!! The suit fits way good and I really like it. Thank you for doing that! I really appreciate it! And the shirts fit super good! Thank you for that also! And the swiss rolls! Those are good also. (He is a nut for Swiss rolls!)
Well today we got to go to the Seattle temple. It was way cool! It’s a beautiful temple. I’ll send some pictures. It was a different experience going as just a regular ole’ dude compared to now going as a full time missionary. It helped me rekindle the fire I had at the beginning of my mission! People need to hear the gospel! They need to be able to have that chance to either accept it or reject it for themselves.

Anyways about the temple…it is a lot like the Provo temple. Similar interior and almost same outside structure except the Provo one is round. The Seattle grounds aren’t nearly as pretty as I thought they would be. Surprising! I was expecting to find pristine grass all over and hedges and all that just cause they don’t even need to water here, but the grounds are very basic and nothing too crazy.

That story of the crazy old dude (at mom’s office) is pretty intense! We run into people like that a little more than once a blue moon. But yeah best thing to do is just hold firm and not really worry about offending them. I’m sure Heavenly Father would rather have us be bold and stand up for the truth and testify of it, than cower away and just agree with all their false teachings!

Maybe by the time I come back we can have an apple orchard from all the magic prayers from Mr. crazy next door. (Mom and dad have some pretty interesting renters in the house next door. They say prayers and have rituals over the dead apple trees). I’ll just run that and make bank! Who needs college when you can have magic apples, right?

Transfers will be next Tuesday so don’t expect an email next Monday either.

Being a missionary is pretty great. I really have been finding that it’s pretty much the best thing ever. We stories for you! I love have been trying really hard to work with the ward better and it seems to be working. We realized that lots of members want to share the gospel and be missionaries, but just don’t know how! Check out discover.mormon.org its wayyyy good! Well, I will talk to you next Tuesday! Thank you for all you do and the prayers. They seem to be working! It still rains here almost every day, but I have been pretty happy. I think I have just gotten used to the “stretch” and am growing so that is good. Next week I will have some cool missionary you!


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