January 19, 2016

Sister Christianson didn’t even tell me (She was an investigator Elder Pratt worked with who was recently baptized, she sent a pic to mom)!!! Dang that is so sweet! And I totally know Elder Snook! He is the one on the left. Dang, I love that family so much!
That is so good that Maren has a calling now. Same thing happened with this single lady who was baptized the week before I came into Enumclaw. We didn’t see much of her for a while, then she got a Primary calling and now she is staying the whole time! Callings are super important! I really hope Matt and Sunny will go to church.
The whole Eagle thing is good. When people ask me if I have mine I say “no, but my mom does” haha 😉
Well this week I had the opportunity to go on an exchange with one of the zone leaders, Elder Wagstaff. Dang, is he good! He is just so bold with people and fired up about the work! One of his tracting questions I really like using now is “so judgement day….. are you ready for it?” Sucker punch right to the gut!!! Haha I really want to be more bold with people; that way they truly know what they are turning down. Gives them a fair chance to hear the gospel!
This is sad story. We have been working with this 86 year old man who is a less active member. He went less active when his wife passed away… we were praying with him and reading the Book of Mormon and just trying all kinds of ways to get him to church. We invited him to say the prayer but he said he would rather us say it, but that night he said he would truly pray and ask what he needs to do. We went to follow back up with him and before we could even sit down he says “gentleman, I gotta tell you something” (I thought it was a huge revelation or that God appeared to him or something huge) “I don’t want to do this anymore… the other night I prayed, then the next day I woke up and tweaked my back. I’m too old for this.” Man it was a bummer…so we got dropped hard! I really wanted him to be able to come back! Especially since he is so old, you never know what might happen!
This is a good story! We went over to do a ‘member inspire’ to this older couple who has their 13 year old grandson living with them (unbaptized). We were going to teach the Plan of Salvation just for practice, but we decided to teach the Restoration instead! And the lesson just naturally gravitated to McKay, the grandson. It’s so much easier teaching children then adults… but anyways, he was engaged and all and then after the lesson his grandparents said “Elders, Mckay’s dad just told us that McKay is old enough to make the decision if he wants to be baptized or not. Could you come back next week and teach him more?” Freakin’ sweet, huh? So we are pretty stoked about that!
Well I gotta write Sister Christianson an email! Thanks for the update! I love you!


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