January 11, 2016

Before I forget, p days will be on Tuesday for the next 3 weeks due to transfers, and temple trips. We get to attend the temple not next week, but the week after! I am super, duper excited!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOTHER!!!! I’m a pretty terrible son that I didn’t even send you a letter! I suck! I’ll send you one this week! You know me…I didn’t even know I was born on the 22nd till I was like 10! How am I supposed to keep track of others b-days when I can’t even remember my own! Another one slips through the cracks…. sorry! I’m glad you had a good day though!
That is so cool that J did so well and you were able to be there for that too! He is such a studly muffin! See, that is why I didn’t even try to be good because he is better than two of me put together! His good outweighs my bad haha!
I am so excited for Tyler to get out into the field!  It’s the best thing ever! Even if it is raining! This week was actually very dry and pleasant. Half this week I didn’t even wear a sweater or jacket. It was like 45 degrees! But now as I email, it’s dumping buckets out there and super rainy. But those magic pills and light seem to be doing something good. I don’t feel nearly as irritable or bummed out as I did a few weeks ago. Also I received some super good advice from one of my zone leaders. I was always putting myself down and just seeking the negative. One night he said “don’t do Satan’s job for him” pretty profound right? That is exactly what Satan wants, for us to think we aren’t capable of success or finding the ones who are looking for the truth (which is true). We technically aren’t if we don’t have the help of God, but while I was being a Debbie Downer, I couldn’t feel the spirit as fully. Pretty interesting. I didn’t want to be full of myself or cocky, but you can be confident that God will lead you and magnify your calling.
So this week we had something awesome happen! Tony, one of our investigators went to church in our zone, but a different building the other Sunday, so we didn’t see him till our lesson we have every Wednesday night. He is a 70 year old Pilipino man who is pretty tough stuff. No joke. So for the lesson we shared Joseph Smiths First Vision and the prayer he offered. We were going to relate it to us and show him that God cares about all of us no matter what age or circumstance. The video ended and he told us something like ‘you know what guys… last Sunday during the song I felt something. It started right in my chest and worked its way up. I don’t know what it was, but I really liked it.’ and the whole time he was talking about it he was crying. Here is this old tough man just crying his eyes out. It was so amazing to see the Spirit work in him. I stared crying and so did Elder Kofford. We testified that it was the Holy Ghost and the Spirit was so strong!!! He is in the same boat as his girlfriend now… both wants to be baptized, but not being able to due to law of chastity issues…. they live together. His girlfriend is 40…. age gap baby!
That is the cool thing that happened this week! But before you send that stuff mom could you look though my black back pack and see if there is some steel stick in there? That stuff is awesome and I could really use some. So many times when I am like hey I could fix that! oh wait…. I have no tools or resources…. great! It’s really frustrating! Well I had something else to write, but I forgot my planner at home so I have no idea what it was. I am going to try and write in paragraphs now. Just because haha! I love you mom!


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