February 8, 2016


This week was awesome!!!! So first off, Wednesday President Eaton sent out a voice mail and said he had a few hours that were opened and wanted to help someone in their conversion to the gospel. All we had to do was send him a text with who it is and why we think it would be beneficial for him to be there. We took him up on that and he picked us! So, Wednesday night we were with Deanna and Tony. Deanna was a member but had her records removed due to a nasty divorce, but she now wants to be baptized again. We have been teaching her and her live- in boyfriend, Tony too. He is way cool. Anyways, Deanna can’t be baptized till Tony moves out, or they get married. So we were able to teach for the first 2 minutes of the lesson and then President just took it over…. and holy smokes…. he is a servant of the Lord. Wow! He was getting Tony involved like we never have been able to do. The lesson was all about agency and freedom to choose for ourselves. President asked Deanna directly “what is holding you back from being baptized?” and she said that she needs to stop having slumber parties! So now Tony knows that she has a strong desire to be baptized but he is the thing that is holding her back. He also voiced that he wouldn’t mind being baptized, but doesn’t want to fall off the wagon once he commits his life to the Lord. We went all into repentance and atonement the week before, but we may need to teach that again…anyways, it was a way cool lesson with President there!

So Saturday there was a baptism and we invited Tony and Deanna. She has been to tons of baptisms before, but this was Tony’s first. We were in the chapel and it was pretty sweet. The spirit was there and his eyes were all glassed over and teary eyed. Then we went to watch her be baptized and right after it he walks out into the hall. Tears were streaming down his face… the Spirit was working on him real good. We just sat there and told him how much we love him and that baptism is essential for all of us. He said “well… maybe i ain’t that bad after all”. We had a good laugh about that and then went back into the chapel to hear a talk about the Holy Ghost. The Spirit has just been sucker punching him over and over lately! Things are going well for him. The lady who was baptized then got up and was saying her thanks to all those who helped and she was crying so he started crying. We were sitting on the back row and we just hear him say super loud, “ahhh cut that out!” Everyone turned around and saw him just bawling, haha, it was so funny. We can’t wait for him to be baptized! God is good!

Super Bowl Sunday we were finding and we actually found 3 people! It was sweet! I had very little faith going into it, but we ended up talking to this dude for a few minutes about baptism and he asked if we could come back and explain a little more! It was cool. This week was pretty amazing. And to top it off, THE SUN IS SHINING!!!!! It’s supposed to be 65 for the next few days! Hopefully people are out and about! Till next week! Oh, p-day is Tuesday. I love you!


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