February 2, 2016

That sounds like tons of fun! (The family took a weekend trip to the valley) I’m glad that you were able to go after all. That would have been a bummer if you missed out on that. God is good, right?
Corbin and I have been emailing back and forth. He wants to fix it up for me so I can drive it when I get back! I told him I might just see if he can fix what’s broken on it and sell it to pay for the rest of the mission. We’ll see what happens.
So this week has been full of fun. I’ll first start off with the not so spiritual stuff. The other day we were tracting and knocked this door. This man opened up and said “gentlemen, meet me out in the drive way. NOW!” So we did, and he followed us. We were walking and tried to ask him how he was doing etc., and he didn’t answer. We get to the drive and he says “have a good day” turns around, and walks back to his house hahaha! I thought it was pretty retarded he just walked us out there to tell us that!
Second cool thing, we were driving around the other day and passed this safe on the side of the road with a FREE sign attached to it! We swung our car around and sure ‘nuff it was a safe haha, so we threw it in the back of the car and brought it home! The thing was locked, but the door was opened. I cracked it and now we have a safe! I don’t know why we need it, but we are going to sell it and make a little money. (mom interjection…Pretty sure that’s against mission rules)
Oh, this is news I guess. Elder Kofford and I are staying here another 6 weeks! But Elder Covington, my last comp is getting transferred! We recently had a pretty good prank war with them and it was a success on our part! They didn’t even get us! So the other week we put that freaky Tiki and got them good. Then they tried to saran wrap our toilet. It didn’t work. We found it before we had to use the bano. So we stole Elder Covington’s go-pro and Elder Payne’s cologne and stuffed them in a bowl of orange Jell-O! It was awesome! They tried to saran wrap our toilet again, but better this time, but they left the light on in our apartment so we knew someone had been in there. So this morning we saran wrapped our door right at face level and got ‘em good! hahah! Needless to say, I think we win! I am pretty sad that Elder Covington is leaving though. I have gotten really close to him. Oh well!
Then yesterday we were doing some service for one of our investigators, Robert Jones. He is a cool dude…like 50ish, but lives on his own and makes furniture. Anyways we were helping him move some stuff around and he just asked us if we wanted a Bow flex! Sweet right!? It won’t fit in our car so we asked this member if we could have him pick it up for us and now he wants to buy it from us! money money money! Hey maybe I won’t even need to sell my truck! Who knows?! (mom interjection…I knows!)
So now for the best part, the spiritual part. We were having dinner at the Sorensons the other night. They have been praying so hard for missionary experiences but sadly had nothing to report on. We were eating steak and it was good! But then there was a knock and it was their daughter’s friend who just dropped by to bring her something randomly! She invited him in and he sat down and ate with us. We were talking all about missions and all that good stuff and he was just about to leave when Sister Sorenson asked if we could share a message! We had a lesson planned for them, but busted out the Restoration and it was a hit! The guy said “I have always been interested in what Mormons believe, but I never had the guts to ask.” How cool is that?! We were just blown away how it all happened! Hopefully it turns into something more.
Well that’s all I got for this week. Life is good! I love you!


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