December 7, 2015

Feast of Carols sounds like it was great!!! The one thing I miss a lot about being home, is the nieces and nephews!, I just like watching their growth. It will be weird to be back and they will all be OLD! It’s a strange concept. They probably won’t even remember me, but that is all good!
This week has been good. Stressful, but good. Well this whole transfer has been hectic and full of stress, but I am managing I guess. I’ve never really dealt with this stuff called ‘stress’ so it has been interesting figuring out what to do and how to get over it. I have had some great help from a couple of my missionary brothers. It’s weird how you don’t know this dude you are just put with, but then like 3 weeks later, you’re are best buds. Brothers even! It’s pretty cool. I really thought I was going to have a harder time getting along with my comps than I do!  Maybe God knows that and so he gives me the easier ones to deal with. I’ve had some that I don’t really like, but then after the transfer, I feel this very strong love for them and want them to have the best experience ever. I was thinking about it and decided I don’t want to be that comp that they all are like “oh yeah, my mission was great except for this one arrogant cocky Elder Pratt”, so I try really hard to just love them and let them feel that.
This week we decided to go running in the morning cause I am still trying to get the fat from the pies worked out of my system. We started off and Elder Kofford just took off…. ditched me in the dust. We ran a mile and he was so far ahead! I wouldn’t have a problem with that, besides the fact that it’s not good to leave your comp. I was heated a little, mostly my pride because he just smoked me. When we got back I rebuked him a little and instantly felt awful…. the rest of the day I was just thinking about that and it really effected who I was. I apologized profusely and he didn’t care, but I felt so bad still. And it wasn’t even that I lit into him that much, but just the fact that I acted like that really offended me! Weird right?! Well it hit me that I need to learn how to correct out of love and not just cut right into people. More the way that dad does it where he thinks what he is going to say just before he says it instead of letting his temper get to him. So yeah, that was a humbling experience this week! Elder Kofford is great! We get along fine. We come from two different walks of life, but find commonalities and stick to those.
We are trying really hard now to work with members on their missionary work instead of us trying to tackle it all on our own. We found this super Catholic family this week as a result of tracting for 2 hours in the rain, but that is about it from our work. It’s slow in Enumclaw, but very good. There aren’t many people to teach and cows just don’t keep commitments very well. Plus it takes a couple of us to fully get them under the water, so there is that! 😉
I don’t think I need anything! I believe I am good to go! If I think of any I will let you know. I am glad to hear that Todd enjoyed my letter. He is a stud! No apologies for him! Well I gotta get some talks about grace because we are teaching this family named the Langes. He is a pastor of a Lutheran church, but yet so super sincere! We taught my favorite lesson, the Plan of Salvation and his hold up was grace/repentance. We will work through it and baptize his whole congregation! On second thought, I might need some thermals to keep the hypothermia away cause I’m in the font so much…that would be a good problem to have! Well thanks for the email! I love you!


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