December 21, 2015

That is so good to hear Corbin is doing well! He is such a stud! I haven’t received anything from him yet, but will be expecting something. I hope Grandma and Grandpa Pratt can hang in there till I get back! It will be a sad day if that doesn’t happen. Even if I am back by then it will be sad! Two of the greatest legends ever! I was actually reading Parleys bio this morning and wow is he amazing! If I could be half of the man he was, I would win the man of the year award for sure! The stories in that book are incredible! I really want to read Grandpa’s more fully now. That can wait though. I am happy, but worried for Levi. I really do love him…that is sad news about Sabrina…. and she barrel races too.
I am looking forward to this happy lamp thing! It sounds a little weird, but I’m sure it will work wonders! I don’t even think I was realizing I was depressed. Maybe situational discouragement, but having the sun go down at 4 is pretty hard on me, and on being a missionary. By the time 8 pm rolls around we literally have nothing to do. But we have been working with bishop and some of the super star members and things are really looking up here in Enumclaw. We got invited to go caroling with this super missionary-minded family tomorrow and they are taking us around to introduce us to non- members and less actives!!! How cool is that!?!? I never thought I would ever be so happy to go caroling in my life! I am really exited! And those little cards with candy are the coolest things ever! We grab a hand full of those for our annual 8 o’clock neighborhood watch and prayerfully set them on peeps doors. It’s so cool! Even just getting the name out there and them relating that with kindness and love is good. That was a really good idea! And thank you for honoring my wish. I have been trying hard to focus Christmas on the real reason and to not only celebrate it this week or month, but I want to focus on that for the year! Christmas all year? Well heck, yeah man!
Things are going well for the families we have been blessed with. The Langes are still caught up on grace… it’s been a battle, but it’s all out of love so it’s kinda weird! I’m not used to bashing with peeps out of love…. haha! Our next lesson will be in the church and we get to have them feel the spirit that is there. There is this lady we have been teaching since I’ve been here (Sister Moore). She had her records removed but now wants to be baptized again… but she has a boyfriend…. he came to church yesterday and stayed for all 3 hours!!! Way cool! We are really excited about that. Last week we did service for this guy named Robert Jones. We taught the Plan of Salvation and he came to church! We will be teaching him more this week! That’s pretty much all the people we teach, but we have been finding lots of people lately so that will be good.
I’ve gotta run…oh, hey, we are having breakfast at a members home Christmas day at 9 our time. I don’t know what time that is in the best state God has ever made, but I will be calling around then if that is okay. A list of questions might be a good idea? I don’t know… we only get 40 minutes to talk, but that is better than nothing. Well, I really hope everything falls into place for Christmas this year and everyone enjoys it! I love you mom! Thank you for all that you do! All the seen and unseen things! I am not nearly grateful enough….I am trying to be better at that. Talk to you Friday!!!


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