December 15, 2015

No snow here! I am almost glad that it doesn’t snow here much. I feel like that would make me a little home sick maybe? Who knows!? Just rain….lots of it! Oh, how I love tracting in the freezing cold rain when no one answers their doors and those who do think we are cops and they listen to us for the first 30 seconds and then realize we are Disciples of Christ and slam the door. It’s the best! So I am staying in Enumclaw another 7 weeks with Elder Kofford. (mom, to answer your question- he isn’t related to the general authority) This transfer was 5 weeks long because of Christmas or something like that. I received the best news ever last night from the zone leaders! No more district leader for Elder Pratt!! whew! As soon as they said that there was like an instant burden lifted off my shoulders. They said to just focus on working with the members more and especially trying to get our bishop and ward mission leader to actually do something to support missionary work…. that has been one of the bigger struggles of my mission yet. We had a time set up with our bishop the other night and he literally stood us up! We text him and he said we need to reschedule! Can you believe that? (mom interjection…Why, yes, we can. Bishops have so much going on this time of year). We have something set up with him, but we will see what happens. It’s been hard to work with anyone here in Enumclaw… we are pretty much on our own in an area with a little city and lots of farmers with shotguns. People here are generally pretty nice. That is actually something I have been praying for lately, that those who don’t receive the gospel will be kind. It’s been working! God is great!
So I received news that is even better than me not being district leader the other day!!! Winter Solstice is going to be next week!!!! The shortest day of the year! Not so much that that day is exciting, but after that the sun will be out longer and longer till its bright till 10 pm in the summer!!! I am so stoked to be able to have light again. I miss the sun so very much! It’s tough because we go tracting in the country during the day and then just walk the streets by night looking for people crazy enough to be outside. Sometimes we catch people getting home or taking out the trash, and it’s nice to talk to human life for once! Last night we were taking our 8 pm neighborhood watch and there was this dude trying to fix a strand of lights on his decked out house and we started talking to him and he was like “yeah, not interested boys… move along”. So we were like “well dang… could we leave you with a card and a video to check out sometime?” he said “Seriously?” And we were like “heck yeah!” then he said “no, I’m not interested!!!” Gotta try right? People don’t even get to me anymore. I found that literally nothing they say could get me super down. The eternal perspective has gotten to me! 100 “no’s” is canceled out by that 1 “yes”! Well I will TALK to you later! Next week!!! Haha! That is weird that we will literally be talking….crazy! I love you mama!


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