November 16,2015

Dang that is a freaky week. I feel like Carter is going to be fine! (Carter, our 18 month old had a series of really long, unexplained seizures…it was a scary few days) God does work in mysterious ways. We may not know why we do things or why things happen, but it’s all for our benefit and learning. This thought just came to mind. There is a video that is super good. ‘Earthly Father Heavenly Father’. I don’t know if I have told you about that in the past, or why I bring it up right now, but it’s my favorite Mormon Message.
Yeah I did know Monday that I was a district leader/ trainer. President called Elder Covington and I a few weeks ago and gave us a heads up about a week before the transfer, you weren’t supposed to know though! I wasn’t going to tell anyone! I just wanted to be a junior comp like my whole mission. I do not like leadership one bit. Now I have a heavy dose of it….great haha. My comp is super cool. He is from the factory (Utah) and has a strong desire to work. I was just praying so hard for him to be humble and ready to work and God does answer prayers! This week has been pretty hard. We have no one to teach… so we have been knockin’ doors and have not been finding anything! Literally, we knocked 120 doors and got a “maybe” and a “possibly”! It’s been raining….and dark around 4….and yesterday we woke up to snow on the ground! Then it was super sunny, then poured, then hailed…. all in the same day. So I have a new approach to rejection. When they say no, I just ask if they want to be baptized. Then when I am up chillin with Jesus and they come “knockin” I will just say no, I am busy right now and probably not…. then they will learn! My charity level just drops when we have so much rejection. There was this super funny thing that happened last night. We knocked this door and no one answered. Then a car pulled up and went into the garage so we were waiting to talk to them. The door started to close but the dang guy wasn’t in the garage all the way and the door came down right on the tail end of the car! It was great! So we just stood there and laughed while they had to pull forward and try again. Literally, they run out of the living room to the back room when they see us coming to the door…. like we can’t see them. But we have been working hard and we feel like a miracle is just right around the corner! All it takes is one yes to even out all the no’s 🙂

Thank you for sending me my boots and Swiss Rolls! I am wearing them right now! The boots that is. I slapped some mink oil on them so I can now wear them with my slacks. And thank you for the watch! I haven’t received it yet, but I am really excited for it! The one I have now is busted…and not water proof. Well I gotta go, but I will talk to you next week! I love you!


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