November 10, 2015

PIE!!!! I don’t think I have ever had so much pie in my entire life…. pie pie pieeeeeee! Everyone in town is thinking that us missionaries just love pie, but it stinks! We have been having pie for pretty much every lesson we set up at night. It’s way nice and considerate of the members and investigators to think of us, but eating 4 pieces in one night on top of a full stomach of din-din is a little rough! haha! We had a missionary stay with us last night and he looked in the fridge and said “dang elders, how much pie do you have?!” It’s a tough life being a missionary (wink, wink). I feel bad because I know there are those in this world who don’t have much to eat and I am complaining about having too much….funny story! The other night my comp and I ate way too much. He was feeling so sick. Keep in mind he was going to play college ball but decided to go on a mission instead, but he was so sick of feeling fat and overweight so he was like “elder, I have had it! come with me!” we walked outside our apartment and he just gagged himself and lost it all right in the bushes. It was so great! Then he was like “Ahh…. so much better. Now I only feel half as fat.” He’s a great dude. Sadly we got split up… he is going to third ward and I am in second. We got a call the other night from president that told Elder Covington he is going to train! He’s only been out for 4 and a half months…. what a stud, huh? So we are getting our new comps today around 4 and both of us are scared out of our missionary minds! It’s no fun getting new companions…. especially when you have only spent 6 weeks with all of them…. every 6 weeks I have had a new companion and its actually pretty nice, except this one. I am pretty bummed out…it stinks when you really do like your companion and everything was going so well. We’ve talked to some guys and they say that the storm comes right after its calm. They said that their worst comps have been right after their best bud companion. So I guess we will see what the Lord has in store for us! I am going to just go into this with the best attitude ever and see what happens!

The work has been going well here. Lots of new people and good stuff happening. They say that every 1000 people we talk to, 1 gets baptized…we need to change that! I really want to study how we can change that number and make it a better stat. There has to be a better way. Maybe by the end of my mission it will be ‘every 1000 people we talk to, 5000 get dunked’ all of them have families. That’s why its a bigger number!

Well this week has been good. I love being a missionary! I’ve been out 3 days shy of 6 months. Can you believe that junk? It’s unreal, but it makes me realize I need to work harder and that way I actually have something to show for my 2 years service. Well I gotta run, but I will hear from you next week!


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