October 26, 2015

Sister Gardner's baptism
                Sister Garland’s baptism

Hi Family!
Mama! I have a few requests that may be a little pricey…. if you feel so impressed to send me a package anytime could you please include my boots?  Not my cowboy ones, but my work boots?  I have been wearing my running shoes and they are getting pretty nasty.  Also if you could send me my smocks that would be super cool too!  Surprisingly its been getting freezing here!  It’s like 50 degrees and feels like 30 cause of the humidity but they say it only gets to 40 here so I will be fine. Oh and when it is 50 I still don’t use my jacket.  So when I start using that then I will be good.  Lately my companion and I have been trying to get our bodies used to the cold.  So what we do is roll down the winders and crank the ac on full blast. It seems to be working cause then when we get out and walk around, what we thought was cold, now feels warm compared to driving around.  Probably not the best idea to subject ourselves to getting sick, but so far so good.
This week we did some crazy service!  First we cleaned up this dudes pasture and had a bonfire.  Then we castrated some goats and that was pretty cool.  Not nearly as fun as cows, but I guess I will take what I can get.  Then the dude swore us to secrecy and took us to the back of his property.  He has a cave on his land!  It was super cool!  He didn’t let us go in cause he said it may be dangerous…. bummer.
Then we did some service for a guy who had a ton of fallow deer that he is just raising!  They are all super tame and we got to get pretty close to them, and then a bull elk just decided to walk right up to us.  Turns out he has been feeding this elk since he was a calf so he his pretty friendly.  It was way cool though.  Then we helped these crazies move…. bad news.  They were NUTS!  This lady just kept on saying over and over and over again “oh you boys are great!  Praise the Lord Almighty” just things like that.  You know when there is a kid who just keeps saying the same stuff over and over again?…. like 50 times till someone listens to him?  Yeah that was her….times 17.  Ugh!  I was ready to drop something heavy on me just to get out of there!  Broken foot, or be annoyed?…. hmmmm.
Last Saturday was super cool.  Sister Garland was baptized by Elder Covington.  I don’t think I have ever seen anyone more excited for anything than she was to be baptized.  The funny thing was that her wrist was too high up and didn’t go under all the way so she had to do it again.  But when she came back up the second time she said “oh I feel blessed!  I got two of em!”  She is super cool.  I would send more pictures, but I kinda stink at remembering things….next week!  Then on Sunday I confirmed her.  Holy smokes, I don’t think I have ever been more nervous for anything in my whole life.  You know when dad has been working super hard in the garden and sweat is rolling off of his face?  Yeah that’s what I looked like and I totally forgot my sweat rag that day too!  It was so scary but the blessing went alright and now she is officially a member of the true church!
Oh I have been thinking about Christmas lately.  For whatever reason I don’t know, but if you don’t have presents for me already, which I know you most likely don’t, then don’t worry about them.  I don’t want any presents this year or the next.  I would rather just do it up spiritual and forget the worldly stuff, if that is okay with you all.  I had something else I wanted to include in this letter, but I forgot….and my time is up here pretty soon anyways :/ It always goes by way too fast!  I will talk to you next week!

Elder Pratt


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