October 19, 2015

This week has been really good…very long, and we ran out of food, but good!  P- day is today cause of the special training with Elder and Sister Lawrence we had yesterday.  WOW….they are a couple of spiritual giants.  Sister Lawrence talked for an hour and a half on the Abrahamic covenant and the tribes of Israel…the gathering and scattering.  Holy smokes!  I had no idea!  Mom, I put my foot in my mouth about a year ago.  Remember that one Sunday I decided I wasn’t going to go to church cause I thought I already knew everything?  Ha…Ha…Haaaa…..but in my defense the teachers DO teach the same stuff year after year, so yeah.  My mind was blown…..still is!  It hurts.  The spirit is exhausting!  I had no idea about this stuff!  And it all makes sense now!  Dang gentiles…..slammin’ the doors in our faces!  But yeah, then Elder Lawrence spoke on how we need to be more obedient and all that.  We set a goal of 40 baptism for the month of November!  Pretty good. That’s doubling our average, but we can do it!
So we have been teaching this older lady who is just off the wall crazy.  Literally she growls at her neighbors.  Yeah hahah!  But we have been meeting with her for the past while.  Monday she was interviewed for baptism and she is good to go for this Saturday at 10.  I have really grown to love her and all of her craziness and insane stories.  My companion is doing the actual baptism, but I am the one confirming her.  I am pretty scared, but it’s such a cool thing to see her so much more with it and a different spirit about her already.  I am super excited for her!  Her name is Marci G.  Pretty cool lady who is 4’11!

This Sunday was super good.  There is a guy running for mayor here and he was going door to door planting signs.  He met this guy who asked him if he knew of any good churches in the area.  Last Sunday this guy was there and the speakers were amazing.  It was a farewell and a dang good one at that!  Every time I looked back at him he was nodding along and seemed to really be enjoying it.  After the meeting we were talking to him.  These were his words “I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I have been to a lot of churches in my life, but I never have felt anything like that.  I had no idea God could be present in a church building.  As of right now I am going to go home and pray and ponder on this experience and then be here next week with my wife and kids.”  It’s crazy too….that Sunday I was fasting for a family that we could be lead to or them to us.  There is a true power in prayer and fasting.  I know that from the bottom of my heart.  We are going to be teaching him pretty soon and I will keep you posted on the amazing blessing God has granted me and my companion.
After the lesson on Israel and all that, my mission has taken on a new meaning.  I have been looking forward to these two years for who knows how long, and I will always look back on them from here till forever.  Now I have a true desire to be out here looking for the lost tribes and gathering of the saints.  I may not be able to do much all at first, but the gospel is a chain reaction.  All it takes is one to say yes, and then in a few years there are 50 who have come unto Christ.  It’s so awesome to be out here.  I love it!  I have to get going, but I will talk to you next week! Monday that is 🙂 I love you!

Elder Pratt


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