November 2, 2015

That is so awesome about Buck and Donna!  They need the gospel too!  That is your way in mom!  I need to write J a letter or something.  He is a stud!  Dustin emailed me this week.  I miss that kid!  I can’t wait for Brian (Dustin’s dad) to get baptized!  That is going to be awesome, but even better is when they go to the temple!  I hope I can go to that.
Whew doggie!  This week I have to keep it short, but I will get the crazy stuff out then the spiritual to finish up.  We went to this western place on our lunch break and both Elder Covington and I bought used ropes!  It’s so sweet!  For our morning work out we just rope chairs at the church and each other.  By the time we get back we will be ready to enter in some rodeo and make it big!
We were driving around the other day to a lesson and all of the sudden I hear Elder Covington say “COWS OUT!”  So we flip a u-ie and herd this cow back up to the farmers house.  Haha it was super funny.  Sadly, we didn’t have our cameras with us.
Yesterday after we had already spent 5 hours at church Brother Darrell Riley and his family of 3 boys walked in.  They are investigating the church.  This is the first time the family was there and the second time Darrel was there.  Then he got up and bore his testimony!!!  It was so amazing!  He talked for like 8 minutes on how he can feel God here and all that.  He said “well I hope none of ya’ll have a problem with me cause I am here to stay and continue to learn.  And if you do, you can take it up with your pastor here.”  It was awesome!  We have a lesson/dinner with his family at a members home.  This is the family Elder Covington and I have been fasting and praying for.  Isn’t it amazing how when we have righteous desires God grants those to us?  It’s just amazing!  Well I have to get gone.  I will try to send some pics this week!
Elder Pratt

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